May 2018

May has been the best! It has also flown right by.
I am a little nervous for how fast June + July will go if May was already this speedy.
Before I know it, baby 2 will be here in August! We’re so excited for that, but better soak up
these fun summer months before. May brought so many fun events, gatherings, good weather,
two of our teams in the NBA playoffs, a sweet Mother’s Day, the start of pool dates + splash pads,
going-away parties, :( swim class, the pet parade, date nights, a Memorial Day getaway, and the true
feel of starting summer! Here are some favorite moments in between all the fun and busy activities:
Prettiest spring flowers blooming all over, and this cute thing ^^
Morning breakfasts on new plates (on sale at Anthro right now!)
Cinco de Mayo party at our cute friend’s house ^^ We all made the parts of
homemade Cafe Rio which was the greatest!! And we had a piñata for good measure.
Our cutest friend Kate made it a Cinco de Mayo AND birthday party for Sarah and I
since we were both out of town the week before on our birthdays. Best friend!
Reagan didn’t quite understand the idea of a piñata, and just tapped it with her
bare hand… haha! But when the candy spilled out she was allll about it ;)
GREEK themed dinner night with Tom & Tam ^^
BAKING day making British scones for…
A British tea themed baby shower for our cute friend Liz! ^^
(Her little daughter Kate is Reagan’s bestie and same age,
and this was for her second baby GIRL on the way…who will
line up with our second baby girl! Love it so much and so excited!
The yummy spread ^^
British baby terms game, and ^^ the cutest quilt made for Liz by our friend Katy! Still amazed.
Dish hikes while it was still green ^^ Now, by the end of the month it’s all gone golden!
Mother’s Day sweetness ^^ Felt so lucky on this day and every day!
Green smoothies in between lots of indulging at showers, parties, and on trips this month ^^
Cravings for Greek food continued, in quinoa bowl + big salad form.
Shopping dates + Pressed freezes as a reward for this little girl being so good ^^
Blooms blooms everywhere! ^^
First tea set from some of our favorite friends ^^ and little ballerina. All things girly around here!
Shrimp + salmon taco night with our Hogan besties! Sooo yum.
“Book club pasta salad” and our favorite protein pancakes ^^
Intense pregnancy craving for berry crisp, which I definitely listened to.
OBSESSED and even lightened it up – other than the vanilla bean ice cream :)
I’ll post this healthier crisp soon – so many recipes saved in drafts!
Fun night out at the local theatre to see one of our favorite musicals, Pippin!
Chase got tickets for my birthday and planned the night which was a treat to
get a date night with him here, thanks to our cute friend Tam for babysitting.
Getting into making cauliflower crust (finally got over the extreme hassle of it and
figured out some tricks to make it work) and been doing a weekly pizza night with it!
I couldn’t decide between BBQ chicken and white arugula so half & half it was!
Soon I’ll do a post with our favorite pizza toppings/ combos!
Los Altos Pet Parade was a highlight for all of us, but especially this dog lover :)
Chase and his MoBro cycling group ^^ Jealous of these rides, and
can’t wait to get back on the bike after baby! (And recovery :)
While I’m not allowed to bike, I sometimes still hike the routes we love ^^
Sad to have multiple farewell parties to attend this month.
It’s the time of year when people move, including some of our favorite families.
At least we got to send them off with fun parties, but that didn’t make it any less bittersweet!
Finally visited the darling Gilroy Gardens theme park, and we all loved it! ^^
Ballet classes have seriously been the biggest highlight each week!
We have Reagan in a toddler class at Tutu School by us and we’re obsessed.
Play dates and library dates with little pals ^^
Can’t forget the royal wedding that happened this month! Cute Chase woke up
early for a bike ride and brought us doughnuts to watch it with. Reagan’s
new tea set was so perfect to watch it with while we had a little tea party!
Dish with our Sar (who pushed the stroller half the time for me)
and dinners with the Hammels weekly ^^ So lucky to have the friends we do!
Been loving this Goddess dressing from TJ’s, and I love months that we are settled in and
in town enough to stock up on groceries at Costco :) Dangerous to shop while pregnant + hungry!
Play dates with our fave little twins + Sar! ^^
Why do I like to document my food? I don’t know. But I do!
Fave breakfasts that appear at least weekly ^^
Her first real time at a splash pad was the best. She ran around in the water
for over an hour without even looking over at me haha! Slept well that night!
She loves to come up to my belly and “hug baby sister,” which is just about the cutest
thing possible. The other cutest thing is post-bathtime towel Reagan ^^
Pesto sundried tomato pasta + homemade bread with
caramelized onions for our cute friends with a new baby! ^^
Spotted around our neighborhood ^^ Love where we live!
Love love our weekly dins with our friends the Hammels + sweet baby James.
^^ How perfect is their little back patio for outdoor eating?
Nothing like dinner with friends! ^^
Los Altos lunch dates + besties and babies ^^
City shopping date with baby Rea ^^
Including our favorite farmers market, of course!
I take any excuse to head up to the city with this chick ^^
Errands with her include suckers at the bank, and waving hi to the cashier camera ^^
Had this test this month, and passed! Probably shouldn’t have celebrated
with more sweets that night (cookies with Toblerone)…hello sugar HEADACHE!
Morning walks in the hills are good for the soul ^^ ^^
Sunday best + summer flowers ^^
Biking to church with this sweetheart! ^^
Fun to run / walk the Los Altos Hills 10k with Sarah and Hannah!
I loved the gorgeous route last year, so wanted to do it again despite the pregnant belly.
This cutie met me at the finish! ^^ Those hills make for a tough 10k!
Way better to run it with pals!
This combo on the left is an easy + delicious quick dinner from Trader Joe’s.
Just throw it in a pot and heat for such a good and unique, hearty soup!
(Thanks to the sample stand for the idea!) Also, the Los Altos Thursday
night Farmers Market opened up which is one of our favorite weekly outings!
We tried this amazing burger from one of the food stands …so yummy, so pricey! ^^
Backyard fun with little pals ^^
Trying out first swim lessons which she was amazing in!
They were continued at our hotel pool with Dad to show him the new tricks :) ^^
More going aways :(
and more pretty flowers ^^
Baking for Memorial Day ^^
Almond strawberry tarte ^^
And the finished Boston Cream pie ^^
Cute little downtown market we found on our Memorial Day road trip!
Shoe packing for our weekend trip … little girlfriend needs her options haha!
Finding a Cafe Rio was a highlight of the month for all of us (worth the hours of driving :)
Fun Memorial Day road trip in our new car (!!!)
Exploring a new place will always be my favorite thing…especially with these two (and a half!)
^^ Happy girls with our treats for a Memorial Day BBQ
^^ Sweet girl soaking up the fun holiday!
Ballet + a new flavor of our fave treats at Traders! ^^
Little care package for a bestie’s baby news!!!!
Morning walks on Shoreline ^^
Once a week Chase will have me jog/walk down to Google and walk the Shoreline trail,
while he gets Reagan ready and brings her down to work where I meet and pick her up.
Sometimes we even have time to have a quick Google breakfast with him, the best :)
It’s so nice to get a morning work out and she obviously loves going to Google with Dad early!
Old car to new car! We upgraded to an SUV for baby #2, and had to document
our Prius before saying goodbye (We still only need one car because of how close
we live to Chase’s office! He has the shuttle or can bike, so we’re staying at just one car!
Chase saw an old photo in our 2012 scrapbook when we got married, where we’re
standing by the first car we bought together with a sign that says “our first car!” He
got all nostalgic and made us go take a picture of our second car before we sell it this week :)
Meanwhile, Reagan thinks the new car is “Rea Rea’s car” and is a teenager wanting to drive it ^^
Hahah a full photo shoot ^^
We will miss this little plug in electric hybrid that we brought Reagan home in!
It seriously has been the best car, and filling up the new one with gas will be a wake up call haha
Re-created the famed “Fred’s chopped chicken salad” from the restaurant at Barney’s in NYC.
The dressing was definitely the best part! Also ^^ more cauliflower crust happening!

Happy May, and Memorial Day, and almost practically summer!!!




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  1. June 4, 2018 @ 9:10 pm Andrea

    Fun, pretty, colorful, yummy pics


  2. June 4, 2018 @ 9:12 pm Kyley

    What a Fun and packed month !


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