6th Anniversary!

6th Anniversary!

Six years of marriage to my love… it always sounds cheesy to say,
but it keeps getting better. I’m always nostalgic for our earlier years,
but would never trade them for what we have now. I feel so lucky to be
building a life alongside someone I love and respect. He’s my best friend,
makes me the happiest (and sometimes angriest ;) ever, and I will always love
June 1st for making him mine all mine. I love our marriage and feel grateful for it!
This year we had a sweet and simple celebration. It was a Friday again, just like the day we were married!
I woke to a flower delivery at the door – how does he have the best taste?? I had to take a
picture of these blooms by our pillow with our anniversary date – seemed too perfect!
We showed Reagan our wedding video which was so sweet to see her dancing along to
the music and saying things like “mommy white dress!” “ooh cake!” “dancing!” “flowers!”
We met for a little morning walk in between his work meetings and grabbed breakfast ^^
He was cute to take time out so we could see each other in the morning ?
That night we went out to a fun fancy dinner at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino,
which we’ve heard so much about and loved finally trying! It’s definitely for a special
occasion, but so delicious. We love their patisserie on Castro Street so it was fun to try the real deal.
Ordered up some sides + a charred grilled octopus appetizer over popcorn grits ^^
We tried their filet mignon, salmon, brussels, buttery mashed potatoes,
and grilled corn topped with lime butter, chipotle and King crab on top.
Everything was so good, but the steak truly stole the show..AMAZING!
He wrote me the best card ever (as usual) and here he is reading my annual poem to him :)
Normally I make it a little scavenger hunt recap of our year, but
I let him off the hook with just the poem this time – haha.
Anyway, he always wins..and his clever homemade card this year was no exception…
I usually keep all of our cards just to myself but lately have been posting them to save
here because I want to always remember them and I think they are so good for anyone to read!
Basically they are like a talk in a little card! :)
Baby kale salad with edible flowers and the best sunflower clusters, + ?ra salmon cooked to perfection ^^
Happy girl, out with my love having amazing food! ^^
^^ They knew it was our anniversary so brought out this cute treat
And we also ordered a strawberry dessert … followed by the cotton candy they send everyone home with!
Fun to dine in this cute little spot ^^
For gifts this year, we upgraded to a new car for baby #2!
We had been looking at a few SUV options and I loved this one, but I felt so spoiled.
Chase found an amazing deal and had it shipped overnight and surprised me!
We are selling our Prius since we still only need one car, so it’s a fun upgrade! Our friends have just got a new car too after discovering some great Deals on Chevrolet vehicles and I cannot wait for our next road trip! So he gave me a car and I gave him a shirt and poem ;) haha basically even right?

Speaking of my poem, here it is at the bottom so I can have a record of my amazing skills ;) jk jk
I do love to recap each year though in little rhymes, and always marvel at how much we can
fit in a year. I feel like we’ve already lived so many more years of experiences together than 6…
and they keep getting better. Cheers to anniversaries, I love you Chase T! (Wedding posts here)

SIX years of marriage to my Chase T!
Life keeps getting better than I thought it could be.

We started our sixth year at Banff’s blue lakes,
celebrating, bobsledding, and having some cake.

We went to Utah for some summer + family,
and did St. George, Jackson, and also PC.

You turned 29 and Reagan turned one,
and we celebrated both with lots of fun.

I got scary news and a leg surgery,
but thankfully you are still stuck with me :)

We did cabin weekends, date nights, and a Tahoe trip,
ending summer at the lake taking a dip.

We had a fun start to fall here in the Bay,
exploring more and seeing the Niners play.

I picked up cycling and you did too,
my favorite was doing a Century with you!!

We met up in France for a dreamy time,
with Mike and Linny and a car that died :)

We continued to watch Reagan and find things to adore —
parenting together has made me love you even more.

We went off to Hawaii with the Dunn fam,
to celebrate Thanksgiving and get some (safe) sun tans.

Christmas was magical with our little one, and
especially finding out we were adding to the fun!

Baby two on the way started our year well,
until in the throws of sickness I fell :)

Your patience and love helped us through the mess,
thanks for helping me with my morning sickness!

You sent me on a girls trip for some fun in the sun,
and gave Reagan a weekend of pure daddy fun.

Bringing me to Israel was the highlight of the year,
memories together that I will always hold dear!

Utah trips and Outer Banks and NYC,
you do everything possible to make me happy.

I couldn’t love my little life with you more.
I say little, but it’s great – grand – galore.

I love our corner of the sky –
with baby girls and my dream guy.

I can’t wait to take on this next year with you,
and the year after and after and after that too.

Happy six years!

Xo em