durban for a day

durban for a day

from the drakensberg mountains i escaped to durban for the day
for a little solo adventure! i’ve really wanted to see it and since i spent
so much time in south africa to end the year i made sure to make it there.
IMG_1671with only a short time to spend here, i took the
advice of some durban residents and headed
straight to the mabhida soccer stadium to rent
a bike and take it along the beach boardwalk.
i was so surprised that this area felt just like
southern california to me! (just more humid)
IMG_1667you can park in the stadium for free, then rent beach cruisers or
road bikes from STS sport and head straight down the beach!  


IMG_1736 south africa has the coolest soccer stadium!
IMG_1683IMG_1686IMG_1690you have to love a place with signs to
remind you not to feed the monkeys!
IMG_1694the beach view leading up to the cityscape is really gorgeous.
i didn’t expect durban to feel so much like california/florida!
IMG_1697dipping my toes in the indian ocean for the first time!
IMG_1730 IMG_1728IMG_1711the ocean was PACKED with people! 
IMG_1727 IMG_1722 IMG_1719 IMG_1717 IMG_1706i loved the african animal sand sculptures on the beach ^^
IMG_1743 IMG_1747after biking i stopped into one of durban’s
best little eateries. the boiler room is in the old
lion match factory space, so it has the coolest feel.

IMG_1749 IMG_1751 IMG_1752the menu is simple but offers all different types of cuisine.
a spinoff of durban’s #1 restaurant 9th avenue bistro,
the boiler room is a fresh new creation for food lovers!

IMG_1754“red cappuccino” is my go-to order in south africa.
it’s steamed milk with rooibos, an herbal tea we love.
it’s even better with milk, honey, & a little sprinkled cinnamon.

IMG_1757pineapple basil smoothie for the win!
IMG_1758tastiest pear/pecan salad to begin ^^
IMG_1760and then we had to try the bunny chow.. as
it’s what durban is famous for! it’s a traditional dish
made up of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry.
it originated in the durban indian community so it’s a must-try here!

IMG_1764a fancy blondie for dessert ^^
IMG_1766and, a fancy little homemade doughnut in a dish ^^
IMG_6807we left downtown, passing a township on a hill on the way out:
IMG_1665durban was interesting and different than expected.
i’m so glad i made it down while in SA!

IMG_1776 and back through the mountains to johannesburg.. ^^