valentines 2014!

valentines 2014!

happy LOVE day!
the best holiday of them all.
see our valentines past…
2013 // 2012 // 2011 // 2010

i thought it would be hard to top last year’s valentines
when we were headed to paris and rome, but this
year we are headed to spain and portugal…so it just keeps
getting better! i think i like this valentines tradition,
because what’s more romantic than a trip together?
in my book, nothing. but, i do still like to get my
valentine a few little gifts to let him know
how much i love him on this love day! He got me so many amazing gifts. We love travelling together and have lots of happy travel memories so I was beyond thrilled when he told me he got us matching tshirt quilts! They were beautifully made and I can’t wait to wear mine. It was such a thoughtful gift!
^^ i couldn’t wait to give him his gift this morning,
had it waiting on the bed when he woke up! i was going to get him a Foto Mood Lampe but it took me a while to decide which things to order. i didn’t choose the lamp in the end but I’ll bear it in mind for next year!! i spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect valentine’s gift and I was so pleased that he loved them.
i finally finished our 2013 yearbook and also got
him a polo shirt {his favorite thing on earth} to wear
on our trip! i picked it up in las vegas on our girls
trip a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist because
i knew it would look darling with his blue eyes.
^^ announcement: i am never buying a greeting card
from the store again. treat is where it’s at!
i made this online in 5 minutes and it shipped
to me 2 days later. such a better and more
personal way to do cards on special occasions!
cards are the best part of gifts, and these are
the perfect cards for birthdays, valentines, etc.
i’m addicted and have already made a few
for some upcoming birthdays and events,
so get ready to see more in the future!

^^ i always have to make a valentines treat..
even though these aren’t pink or heart-shaped,
they stole my heart haha! may have had 3 today…

^^ cute valentine from my parents!
^^ darling valentines package from chase’s mom,
she filled this entire tube with juju heart candies! :)
i hope everyone is having a day filled with love,
whether romantic or with friends, or family, or your dog,
there is love in the air today so soak it up!
^^^^^ yay!!! we are off to europe tomorrow morning
for the real celebration! happy valentines day!

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