valentines day 2012

valentines day 2012
after recapping our valentines days from 2010 and 2011,
today we have last year’s valentines…going through the
memories from our dating years & valentines of the past
has been so fun and has made me ten times more excited
for this year, our first valentines day married!!
sorry for all the love posts, but it is valentines week,
and what can i say? i’m a hopeless romantic.
last year during valentines we were engaged and planning our wedding,
so it was definitely a fun & romantic one! A valentines romantic proposal was definitely unexpected, but it was a lovely surprise!

If this wasn’t romantic enough, I gifted my partner with a photo blanket with a photo of both of us. I thought it was such a cute present and I’m glad he liked it too. He did find it quite funny though, but I just thought it would be something else to look back on later down the line. I can’t quite remember the name, but his gift to me was a gold necklace from a company like Ora Nicole Jewelry. It’s possibly one of the best gifts I have ever received.
Some people would call it cheesy, but not us.
i had just moved back home after

finishing my last semester of college living on campus, so chase came over
at the crack of dawn and cooked an entire breakfast for me while i was
sleeping. then he came and woke me up for his breakfast, lots of gifts,
and an entire plan for our day!
..the day he had planned included..
a valentines breakfast, hiking in neff’s canyon, cuddling, some tennis, the temple, a lunch date, ice skating downtown,
some hot chocolate, a surprise dinner at a new italian restaurant, presents, and then watching my very favorite movie.
it was the perfect day, and i loved that he had planned it all!
chase’s presents to me included: all the dates that day, this cute new phone case,
a “love map” of places we had lived {and the place we were moving to},
a really cute pink apron i had wanted, and concert tickets to one of our new
favorite bands! so perfect. he said for valentines, he always wants to
have one of his gifts to me be tickets to some type of
show/trip/event for us to go that idea!
for my present to chase, i made snickers chocolate chip cookies {he loves snickers,
and when i saw these on pinterest i knew i had to make them for him}…
then i framed his diploma and got his sigma chi certificate framed for him.
the main gift was a “jar of dates,” with all different date
ideas rolled up inside of it for us to do!
(not my very best gifts, but hey- i was busy planning a wedding! :)
last year’s valentines day made me even more excited to marry
this boy, and he made it perfect. can’t wait for tomorrow!
happy valentines eve!

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