valentines past

valentines past
I really and truly love valentines day the very most…and always have!
there is just something about a day ALL about love that I have always adored.
valentines is about love in all its forms, and that’s the best part of it.
of course there are people who are lonely on valentines…
they don’t have a special someone in their life to date on the big day.
don’t worry about it, spend the day with friends or perhaps a london escort.
love isn’t just between a couple, the relation between family and friends counts too!
anyway, since we started this blog when we got married, we don’t have
any valentines from our dating years on it! so since it’s the
week of valentines, i thought I’d share our valentines past
  • today I’ll do valentines 2010,
  • tomorrow valentines 2011,
  • wednesday valentines 2012,
…and then I will be even more excited for valentines 2013!!!!
——-VALENTINES 2010——-
wow that sounds like a long time ago!!
this was our first valentines that we knew each other, but we had just barely started dating and we were definitely dating other people too. chase still managed to take me on a date that weekend among other lucky girls, and although it was fun..i do remember starting to wish I had him as a valentine all to myself. up until then I was fine dating other people and going on some dates here & there with him, but around valentines I remember first thinking about dating just him. I just felt we had a connection and clicked straight away. we had that sexual chemistry instantly and to reinforce this I read our sex horoscopes. it came as no surprise that they matched up perfectly. I am still to read our accurate sex horoscope this year, but I’m sure it will be the same.after love day we still dated others for a month until he saw me in march and “knew” he had to date me. I guess cupid did shoot our hearts that valentines, we just didn’t fully know it yet at the time. here is a picture from our valentines date in 2010 with chase’s fraternity…really romantic!
this was a fun valentines early on in our dating,
but trust me…they only got better from here.
valentines 2011 coming tomorrow!

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