September 2018 recap

September 2018 recap

September is always pretty hard to beat. October is a close second,
but I love the lead-in to fall during September. Still enjoying a few
pool days + peaches from summer, but also the start of football and fall.
It’s always full of fun events and gatherings since people are settled
back into routine. We had the best September in the Bay and also
spent some of it in Utah visiting family. It was the best combination!
Waving hello to September at the coast! ^^
Last pluots and peaches of summer (this box was thanks to our cute friends the
Burgesses whose family OWN this orchard in Utah. They brought so many back,
they are the best!) We loved every last bite and made plenty of peach treats.
Fall foods begin! Roasting up some butternut squash + spatchcocked lemon chicken from Traders ^^
First time at church for this sweetheart! ^^
Coloring + yoga stretches at ballet ^^
Labor Day in SF, with my parents in town!
San Francisco Zoo with papa & yaya ^^
Glam shot of Chase’s new bike that he got for his 30th birthday :) I had to talk him into it,
because it was a big purchase but A – we only have one car, and B – I told him to get this when
he’s 30 instead of 60 so he can enjoy it more. I convinced him and I think he likes it ;) ^^
Fun to make my mom a birthday lunch when she was visiting!
Macho salad + cheesy bread for the win.
A big pan of zucchini noodles + rosemary lemon salmon ^^ ^^ Healthy blackberry peach crisp.
I l.o.v.e cooking at home so much during the end summer / start of fall.
Our favorite protein pancakes. I post it all the time but it really is our favorite and
healthier than regular pancakes. It’s 1 cup oats, 1 cup cottage cheese and 4-6 eggs.
We love topping them with pure maple syrup, fruit, peanut butter, and whipped coconut cream.
(You just refrigerate a can of coconut milk, then scrape the thick part off and whip it.
Add vanilla or a little powdered sugar/ coconut sugar if desired, and use in place of whipped cream!)
We had my brother Brady visit when he was in Oakland for work!
He was so cute to come in traffic from the East Bay, and got to meet
baby Claire! He also went with Reagan on a birthday adventure which she
loved, and was so nice since I was just coming down with mastitis that day…eek!
Our bestie Tam also made it up from LA to visit and meet baby Claire!
Little James has grown so much and we were loving watching him play with Rea!
Donut date with dad & pushing Lyla’s stroller at the farmers market!
Acai for 3!
So fun having the cute Bakers over for dinner + the U game. Glad they are in SF this fall!
These healthy coconut macaroons were yummy — love everything off this site!
Little church-goer with dad for a few weeks while I stayed home with baby
Claire hit her one month mark in September, always a good milestone!
..And it flies by so fast. One example of why we were sad when Chase’s paternity leave ended..
he comes up with so many fun games and creative things like this restaurant
which entertained her for hours taking our order and pretending to make it..
then coming to collect the bill like Chase instructed her to haha – little entrepreneur. Lots of good things coming from the blender, from green smoothies to carrot soup!
I am dying to upgrade to the newest pretty Blendtec since we use ours literally multiple
times per day, but it still works great after 6 years so I don’t have the excuse … yet.
Love this little Claire babe.
Swim lessons with dad on his last week of paternity leave! (He is saving some for the new year)
Yummiest peach oatmeal tart ^^ Used this healthy recipe but swapped peaches – YUM.
Prettiest birthday dinner with Bay friends for our Rachel girl
who flew back in town for it! ..Hosted by the always amazing Dawn..
Love these girls so so much. ^^ We all brought a favorite dish, which resulted in the best meal ever…
And all the sweets for this chick…always.
After seeing all the Sugarfina gummy candy we were talking
saying we want to order one of these mini gummy bear molds!! :)
Chase being back at work meant back to his NYC trips, and this time
he took along Reagan’s Daniel Tiger toy (last time he took Prince Wednesday :)
So cute and we love seeing his adventures on Chase’s business trips!
I’m so picky about my granola and loved this one from Traders…I’ve eaten it more
as a treat with almond milk at night, but it’s yummy and different! Also been
making peach cinnamon overnight oats that we’re all obsessed with.
Summer and fall blooms!
Sweet babe on her first flight, and best find thanks to our friend Isabelle ^^
weighted blanket on the biggest sale at Brookstone going out of business!
Another donut date with dad (these became a theme during his paternity leave, ha)
and a picture for my first day back at church with baby and Rea!
Lots of walks in this carrier which has been my favorite …WAY easier than
the wraps for me, and also cuter/lighter than Ergo and Baby Bjorn. It’s
the Happy Baby wrap and I am using it all the time! We also just got the
double wide jogging stroller which I am excited to use in another month when
Claire is big enough to ride in it – whoo hoo! We got Joovy of course, our favorite.
Early morning selfies with my bestie ^^
Yummy pesto soup I’ll post soon, and back . on . the . bike !!!!
Had to document our oven door SHATTERING randomly one night, ah!!
Luckily no one was in the kitchen but me but it was crazy!
Also had to document little Rea reading herself to sleep ^^
Ward picnic at the park is always fun every September ^^
Everyone brings their own dinner and a treat to share!
La Salsa takeout for the win ^^
Park playing + peaches
Dreamiest Sunday night with friends doing dinner on the Stanford green and playing games ..
Territory foods delivery came at the perfect time when I came down with mastitis :(
It was SO rough but this food seriously was amazing and has been our favorite meal
delivery we’ve tried! You can customize it to so many different meal plans like Whole30
or Paleo etc, new moms, and more. I loved that! I need to list the meals we ordered and
liked the best..there was a chicken broccoli, asian stir fry, and more that were so goodFlying out of SF at night to head to SLC! Love this view ^^


On to October! I wish the fall would slow down, and also kinda that it would always be fall.
Best time of year!!


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