Utes at Stanford!!

Utes at Stanford!!

We LOVED having the Utes come out to us so much, that I
had to save an entire post about it because I took lots of pictures
and it was such a fun memory to have both girls at a Utes game!
Reagan has been to a few, but she was finally old enough to kind of
watch the game and be excited about it. I love that Chase and I share
the biggest love of our Utes and of college football, so we couldn’t love
it more when they come to us!! They came out to Stanford 4 years ago
when we lived in SF and before moving to Europe, and it was the best!
It was fun to have them back again…and even better that they pulled out a
huge win. We loved seeing lots of friends there, from home and Utes who
now live in the Bay :) The day before the game we took the U student
Ambassadors around Google for a tour, and then did the Alumni tailgate
before the game. Had to do any and everything! Reagan loved meeting all
the U cheerleaders at the tailgate, hearing the band, and seeing Swoop
(even though she was so scared of his mascot outfit when we saw him,
she hasn’t stopped talking about him since!) She also had pom poms
and was dressed in her Ute gear and totally watching the late game with
us and cheering. It made my heart so proud and happy, haha! GO UTES!

Both times the U has played at Stanford since living here,
someone has paid for this Ute banner plane to fly overhead haha!
We loved seeing it this year and last time, 4 years ago.
Got tickets for the alumni tailgate, of course! So fun and always good food.
Reagan loved meeting the cheerleaders, hearing the band up close, seeing
Swoop (even though he scared her :) and we saw lots of friends from the U!
So into watching the cheerleaders perform, and so into her U stamp ^^ :)
Into the game we go!
Meeting up with our friend Tay and heading into the game!
Fun to sit in the Ute section where our tickets were, but at the half we moved
up higher to be by some friends with more space, and have it be less loud for the babes.

I assumed we’d leave by halftime or earlier, but Reagan seriously LOVED the
game. She was so into watching and yelling “CATCH!” “FALL!” “CHEERLEADERS!”
and so we stayed until the 4th quarter when she was falling asleep on my lap :)
Blurry tired selfie, and Claire smiling at her first Ute game.

We love our UTES!