Disney World!! It was pure magic.
It was our first time taking Reagan to Disney, and Claire too!
Chase had a business trip to Orlando so we all tagged along,
and of course took a day at Disney World. I only wanted to do
one day because at Reagan’s age, I knew she wouldn’t last more
than that – and it was perfect! Since we’re planning to go to
Disneyland in the new year, we opted for Epcot instead of
Magic Kingdom…we can do that anytime in California, so
since we were in Florida it was fun to do something different.
I hadn’t been since I was young, and loved walking the fun
World Showcase! It was also perfect because Epcot has plenty
of characters and princesses, but they are easier to meet.
Seeing characters was the thing Reagan was most excited
about, so it was our main priority with a few rides sprinkled
in. If anyone is going to D World soon, another perk is that
you can go online and get fast passes ahead of time, for free!
We got it for the Mickey/Minnie/Goofy character spot, and
two other rides. Chase and I switched off doing the Soarin’
Around the World ride and I am still smiling from it- best!!
It was a fun day for all of us, and we were lucky with weather ..
still hot and humid of course, but the huge torrential rainstorm
hit right when both girls were asleep in the stroller and we were
inside eating lunch. So that worked out! I’m sure we won’t be back
here for a while, so I’m glad we did it. Here are some highlights!
Now I understand the magic of Disney ten times more, seeing
my own little one there. Her eyes meeting the princesses, singing
their songs to them, and hugging them was p r i c e l e s s .
Mickey pancakes to start the day, and little Minnie Mouse :) ^^
Reagan was already thrilled with the big shuttle bus ride to start the day :)
Hello Epcot!
First character meeting .. Pluto right at the entrance!
Reagan was so excited but SO nervous, shaking and would
only meet him while sitting in the stroller – her safe space ;)

Sweetest picture of Reagan in the best moment of her life :)
This Snow White was darling, took so much time with each child!
Getting her book signed ^^
The whole fam on a ride!
We got into Mickey, what Reagan has been talking about for AGES …
and she got a liiiiiittle bit nervous ;) But then gave him a kiss on the
cheek, just had to be in daddy’s arms for it. Haha just starstruck!
Then Goofy just about pushed her over the edge, haha!! Luckily Minnie came and saved the day ^^
All smiles for Minnie :) :) :)^^ Spotting sassy Daisy Duck struttin’ around!
Macaron ice cream sandwich in the France Pavilion ^^
After this treat and a crepe, we were in search of the French princess…
Belle in the French Pavilion was darling! Reagan seriously went up and said “Bonjour, Belle!”
My heart melted… Then Rea sang her “little people, waking up to say..bonjour” song – too cute.
The Morocco Pavilion was so cool- we loved exploring it during a rain burst ^^
Meanwhile poor Chase was outside getting drenched in the line for Jasmine ..cute dad :)
Worth the wait to meet Princess Jasmine! ^^
Quick walks through Italy & Germany… we wish :)
It was fun that we’ve been to almost all of the countries featured in it.
Also, they were having the food festival so there were tons of bonus country stands!
It made the food even better and more fun to sample all day!
CHINA Pavilion!
Into “Norway”, one of our very favorite places we’ve been in real life …
so obviously we also loved this part of World Showcase!
In the “Kringla Bakeri” here, DO NOT miss the school bread! Best Norwegian treat!! Also do not miss Anna & Elsa. Cutest.
Reagan hasn’t even seen Frozen but knew who they were and LOVED them :)Mexico Pavilion, with chips & guac of course!
The cute Coco boat ride. Loved this quote ^^ and this movie!
American Pavilion
Rain delay – for about 30 minutes it was a crazy crazy torrential downpour, then showers
on and off in the afternoon…but it mostly cooperated and the girls slept through the rain!
Up from a nap and ready to keep going!
Nemo ride with dad! Claire was an absolute CHAMP through the day, of course!
She snoozed, smiled and nursed with no fuss. She’s an angel!
Reagan loved seeing Mickey everywhere!
Pure magic to end the night with! ^^
(It helped that it was only 6 PM California time for the babes to last for these 9 PM fireworks :)
Tired Disney dad on our shuttle back to the hotel.
Almost 8 miles of walking, so hot, then drenched in the rain,
then sticky from treats + spit up, sounds about right :) All worth it!
Thanks for the magic, Disney!


(Was just reliving last time at Disneyland, years ago here!)

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