christmas card time!

christmas card time!

we’ve sent out a christmas card every year of our marriage so far.

we’ve also lived away from friends and family for every year of our marriage
so far. this year we especially live away, being further than ever and having
been on the road for 5 months now (finally settling in amsterdam in january!).
most of our close friends and family haven’t even known where we are on a given
day… so this has made sending christmas cards even more important this year to
make sure our friends and loved ones don’t forget us! :) 
even though life is currently
crazy, i made sure to go online and design a christmas card through tinyprints
(always through tinyprints :)
it wasn’t too simple getting them in london, addressing them all in south africa, and then sending
them home with a friend to be mailed from the states since the postal system in SA isn’t very
reliable. chase thought (or still thinks) i am a little bit ridiculous for going to all the effort this
year, but i think it’s even more meaningful this year as we will be across the globe for the
holidays & not home for the first time.  i also think it’s just a necessity and such a fun way to
mark each year. i always stick them in the back of our year photo books to keep forever. 
i usually like one great photo on a christmas card instead of collages, but with our memorable year
i knew one photo wouldn’t work to sum up 2015. i found the most darling card design on
tinyprints with spots for multiple pictures and filled them with some of our favorites from
backpacking europe. (don’t ask chase how many times i switched photos in and out
trying to decide!) i LOVE how they turned out, and i already sent these out to arrive this
first week of december… so i’m sharing a little taste of them here today since it’s not too late
to make and order yours! just please send us one, even though at the moment we
don’t have an address until january…haha, our life!
anyway, i hope christmas cards never die out. i hope they never become a lost art and i hope the hassle
of picking the right picture, stamping, addressing, and mailing never overrules the benefit of sharing
our stages and celebrating the season with loved ones. they are just one of life’s happy things! 

IMG_6730addressing away! (i very sloppily photoshopped addresses out haha)
christmas card 1^^ i kept going back and forth between the colorful background
and white one, but eventually went with the festive colors.
they just somehow matched our colorful europe photos better!
i seriously love all of the designs and it’s so fun to make a card each year. 


happy december!! it may be 90 degrees in cape town, but christmas is in the air.

see last year’s 2014 christmas card here, 2013 here, and 2012 here.


11 thoughts on “christmas card time!”

  • What a cute card! I agree, it does seem like a lot of effort. But it’s Christmas and you guys have so many great memories from your year to share with loved ones!

  • Those are so cute! And I love the idea of sending out a Christmas card to people. I’ve just always thought that I’d just wait till I had kids before I did, but lately I’ve realized that a lot of couples without children send Christmas cards and I should too! I am just amazed at all of your guys’ adventures all over Europe this year and it has been so much fun reading about all of them. You inspire me to want to be more brave and adventurous! You are awesome Emi!

  • I always send christmas cards too, even though we live close to family. It feels like a really fun grown up thing to me. Which I think proves I am not one hahahaha

  • Gorgeous! Love your card! Love the layout and all the picture :) Looks high quality and gorgeous! I checked out TP but still a little too pricey for this poor graduate student! Will keep looking around but thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays!

  • I love Christmas cards! For some of my friends I follow the French tradition and send New Year cards instead – those are particularly nice to receive during the holiday wind-down….

  • Christmas cards are my absolute favorite! I love getting them but never really sent them. I always get silly since it was just me. But this year I decided to! And I had so much fun designing and picking out all the pictures. I can only imagine how hard it was for you!! But they turned out so cute. :)

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