dinner out in sandton

dinner out in sandton

after surprising my mom in SA i wanted to take
both of my parents out to dinner here in johannesburg
to celebrate seeing them for the first time in almost a year,
and thank them for letting me come a few weeks early :)
i wanted to take them somewhere they hadn’t been before here,
and i had heard about lacuna bistro at the maslow hotel. turns
out i picked pretty well, if i do say so myself! it was incredible.

IMG_1375i always have a good feeling about a restaurant
when the bread comes out like this ^^ warm, fresh,
all different kinds, all different flavored butters. yes.

IMG_1381we all did the same tasting menu, and next came my favorite part:
prawn & baby spinach salad with truffle & parmesan dressing.
the flavors here were so perfect and a little asian-inspired.

IMG_1384my dad’s night was made with this salmon sashimi served
with jalapeño, sesame & soy, and spicy garlic. packed with flavor.
IMG_1386the chef continued to surprise and delight us, and the next
plate was braised lamb, cauliflower purée, fondant potato,
caramelized root vegetables & jus of forgotten herb. fancy!
IMG_1392we had a special steak dish that my dad declared
“the best piece of meat he has had in south africa”
… and that is saying a LOT! the sauce was the best.

IMG_1395lastly came desserts far too pretty to eat (though we did :)
first was a dulcet brûlée cylinder, with mocha sponge,
mango gel & 
pineapple gelée, + mango sorbet. so unique!
IMG_1397deconstructed red velvet cake – such a fun (and delicious) idea!
IMG_1398and again, my dad’s dream: a chocolate brownie with carmelized popcorn,
chocolate tuile & caramel ice cream to top off. sinfully delicious!

IMG_1410^^ the guys who brought us all of this deliciousness ^^
it’s always fun when there’s an open kitchen where you
can watch the amazing skill and artfulness of a chef.

IMG_1419we loved everything about lacuna bistro!
remember it is within the maslow in sandton,
so it’s easy to miss. be sure to make it in! 

IMG_1418 i took this as we left and thought my parents looked like
the cutest couple off to the prom or something :) love them
and so lucky to be here with them this month.