Finland’s Oldest Bakery

While stopping through Helsinki solo a few weeks ago en route to Russia, I got to visit & tour Finland’s oldest bakery! This kind of thing is right up my alley, so I was a happy camper…and left on a definite sugar high ;) Cafe Ekberg dates from 1850 and is beloved by locals in…


copenhagen (by accident!)

i listen obsessively to the happier podcast and love it. in one episode they were talking about the idea that “the things that go wrong often make the best memories.” i know this is not always true in the moment, but looking back i’ve found it to be so true, especially when it comes to…


faroe islands in photos

i wrote about my time in the faroe islands here, (and for examiner here) but i wanted to share a few more photos today! *ps, i can’t believe that i still didn’t have my real camera for this … (it was stolen last month), and i just ordered a new one from the states that…


Europe’s best-kept secret: the Faroe Islands

Hi!! I am wrapping up a solo week in the Faroe Islands courtesy of Visit Faroe Islands. Experiencing this place has been nothing short of incredible, and even though I’ve been here alone it has been an amazing memory that I’ll never forget. It is one of the most unique places I’ve been – especially in…


the finnish sauna experience

// “sauna to the finnish is sacred” // this is the description a man in helsinki gave us when we went in search of a sauna experience in helsinki. we quickly realized how true this statement is – saunas are not taken lightly around here! one of my favorite things about visiting new places is…

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