Skyline High School 10 Year Reunion!

TEN YEARS since high school – crazy!
I helped plan our ten year reunion from afar with some other friends who were student body officers
together. It was simple and fun in our high school courtyard with a taco truck, music, and catching up.
It ended up so much more fun than I thought, seeing so many people for the first time in a decade.
People we spent three years with in high school before launching into the world…even if not every
person has kept touch, we all know each other in a different way than anyone else..and it was funny
to go back to that world and then see everyone’s lives now. Initially, we all thought trying to get in touch with some people that we used to speak to was going to be difficult. But thanks for online phone books, there was an option to people search, where you can easily find out information about the people you know. This didn’t take as long as we thought. Once this was all done, the reunion was ready to be planned. The turnout was great. It’s always great to catch up with old friends.

Ten years is interesting because people are in all different phases- married, single, kids, still in some type of school, working, etc. It was a good reminder of our old selves and made me grateful for how those years shaped me — along with how many great experiences I’ve been able to have since then. Here are a few pics, until the next one!

The classic Skyline courtyard ^^ Rumor has it the school is getting completely
demolished and redone in the next few years, so I’m glad we had it here!
Chase and Joey being the best husbands/dates who didn’t know half the people ha ^^
Love these girls, though missing a few from England to NYC etc!!
Love you Skyline High!



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