Thanksgiving 2017 in Hawaii!

Thanksgiving 2017 in Hawaii!

I have so many good memories of Thanksgiving in Hawaii –
waking up to a warm sunny day, playing all day on the beach
(and playing our turkey bowl there :), cooking a sea-salt
rubbed turkey in the condo all day and coming back all
sandy from a day at the beach to the best smell of it.
We would sit around our marble dining table as a family
like we normally would during this time. It just brought
back so many wonderful memories. These golden warm
Hawaiian Thanksgivings are happy
memories from growing up, and it was a good one again
to be back after lots of years sharing it with family and
our little one. Always such a special holiday and I think
there is more to be grateful for the older we get in this life.

Down to the beach first thing! ^^
Rea got her hair done by her aunt Mindy and we were obsessing over it!!!
Happy girl that it’s Thanksgiving! ^^ :)
I’m sorry in advance, but these series of photos are my favorite and I can’t
bear to cut too many of them out — I want them saved here to look back on! :)
This is the face she makes when I tell her to do a happy face hehe!
Cousin pow wow! ^^
Loved being able to be with this cute fam on the holiday ^^
My brother Brady and his fam! We were missing Jeff & Whit!
Darling mama + baby Bennett ^^
After lots of fun at the beach (and some back & forth to cook in between),
we came back, showered and got ready for the main event!
Turkey bowl at the condo lawn before showers ^^
Hawaiian Thanksgiving!
My dad is so good at getting Reagan to smile in our pictures!
Getting the table set on the lanai! ^^
Of course Mindy brought cute Thanksgiving crafts for the kiddos ^^
Love these little pilgrims!
^^ Turkey coming out!
Dad carving the turkey ^^
This girl was ready for the meal as always :)
We threw together a yummy meal for being on vacation!
We have gone out to nice hotel buffets some years, but with all
the kids it’s actually so much better to eat in. It was all delish!
Why can’t this be our meal all through the year! ^^
Excited about her little Thanksgiving meal!
Playing some football between courses!
For dessert I made this apple cranberry crumble and we all loved it!
It was a combo of a few different pie and crisp recipes, but I’ll write
it up because I definitely plan to make it again. So so yummy!
Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t believe that soon we’ll be having a white Christmas.
I am so grateful for the people and blessings in my life. From the little things to
the big, I feel so grateful and hope to not take one thing for granted. ?



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