Waikoloa & The Bay Club

Waikoloa & The Bay Club

As much as I love and prefer to go new places when we travel,
I can’t help but admit that there’s something so special about retuning
to a place we’ve been again and again. I was lucky to grow up coming to
the magical Waikoloa resort on the Big Island at Christmas, and then my
parents bought a timeshare at their condos called The Bay Club right down
the road. It’s a place that feels so familiar and nostalgic to us all. It was
especially fun to be back after years away since my parents were living in
Africa and none of us went. Last time we were here Chase and I were
engaged…then we returned 5 years later this year with our little girl!
It was kind of surreal to be in a place I was a little girl with my own.

The very best part of this trip was not the Hawaiian sun and sand
(although amazing), it was really the time together with family!
Living away makes it even more exciting and fun to have our
kids all together as cousins and everyone having 24/7 time.
My favorite parts of the trip were the times that we were
just hanging out together at the condo – playing tennis,
cooking, playing games, swimming, dancing with the littles, etc.
Between the Bay Club and huge Waikoloa hotel, there are so
many fun things to do! So many fun pools, slides, beaches,
restaurants, etc. Here are some pictures just of where we stay!
A L O H A !
The entry to Waikoloa with the prettiest view ^^
Most days we had to walk by the flamingos to say hi ^^
Kissing the flamingos through the glass! ^^
We eat so well here — banana coconut pancakes in the morning,
macadamia nut Kona coffee ice cream in the afternoon.
The fun pool right at our condo!
Down the little slide,
Then down the big one! ^^ She did not love it as much haha!
High 5’s!
Hot tubbin!
There was a speaker at the main pool and these two little girls
would stop here and dance for like an hour together each day!
They attracted a crowd every time and we’d all join them :)
Dunn dance party!
My mini tennis girl ^^ this is my dream in life to have her play tennis with me!
It was also the best to get to play tennis most mornings. My favorite!
Happy girl strolling around!
Ice cream break at the pool! Reagan had her first little cone and
the flavor was purple sweet potato :) She took it very seriously ha! ^^
Rea became obsessed with refilling her water at the tennis courts…
and, cannot handle baby Benny’s sweetest smile! ^^ Our last few days we got some crazy wind on the island
and couldn’t believe the palm trees didn’t bend in half!
Hot tub fun with Dada!
So much swimming!
 ^^ Constant hugs from cousin Lyds :)
Walking down to see the dolphins! I did the swimming with them
when I was little and have my favorite picture kissing a dolphin from it :)
Strolling the biggest hotel … it has a fun tram, boat, and so many walkways/bridges!
Riding the boat! ^^
Just thrilled to be in paradise! ^^
Hanging with Lyds!
True besties ^^ I love their age gap because they aren’t fighting over toys
but just obsessed with each other! Lydi loves taking care of Reagan and R
just wants to do ANYTHING Lydi is doing. It’s the cutest cousin relationship!
Chase and my dad did the classic football catch down the waterslide for like an hour, ha ^^
Just having a very relaxing vacay :)
My cute brother and his 3 kids! Love this crew ^^
Brady and Tagg making pretty leis ^^
Reagan stealing flowers ha ^^
Fun in our “backyard” right out the condo ^^
Bouncing tennis balls with Papa & Dada! ^^
Morning yoga with our whole crew by the pool! Chase was clearly very relaxed ^^
Poolside teriyaki burgers by Mike…a tradition!
This girl got so spoiled getting to eat treats, stay up late, and
watch a little bit of Moana with her cousins since it was vacation!
Love those three little heads!
The kids woke up so early the first few days because of the
time change, so here they were playing school at 5:30 AM :)
Sunset from our backyard!
We love the King’s Shops right in Waikoloa. So fun and festive to stroll around with the Christmas trees!

Like I said, most of my favorite memories this time were not out and about
adventuring and beaching (though that was amazing as always…) but instead
it was all the time being together back at the Bay Club, a place we know and love,
and reunited back on the Big Island after years away. We’ve missed it!


A post all about the Big Island coming next!