Road trip through Provence

Road trip through Provence

As nice as the French Riviera was, Provence was even lovelier to me.
Maybe because it’s the one main area in France I hadn’t been to, and
always wanted to! It’s like the Tuscany of France, and reminded me of
our dreamy road trip through there. We all agreed it was so beautiful and
refreshing to be in the countryside soaking in the French sun, vineyards,
lavender fields (though out of season), hillside medieval towns, and the
most amazing house rental we stayed in. It was magical! I’ll share more
from the house we stayed in, but here’s from road tripping into Provence.
We looped from Cannes through Aix-en-Provence and into the towns of
Gordes, Oppede, Ménerbes, Bonnieux, etc. It was so fun to stop randomly
along the way in tiny towns, antique shops, & little bakeries wherever we wanted!
Honey lavender that we took home of course! ^^
I want to live on this gorgeous road! ^^Or in these houses ^^ :)
Matching lemon sweaters with baby . . . couldn’t help myself!
Happy girl dancing on the cobblestones! ^^
Little blurry lemon girl running around everywhere! ^^
Shoe shopping with my bestie!! Obviously we wanted the lemon
ones but they didn’t have any left in my size… or hers :)
The pic on the right is blurry but had to capture R with a pink beret on! ^^
Her face!! ^^ She loves Papa Bear.
Caught Chase and my dad going back to the same bakery a few times :)
Good thing she was a little jet lagged because she snoozed for most of the driving we did!
Such beautiful roads to travel down! ^^
Our last morning our car broke down which was a little less than ideal!
Luckily we were in a pretty charming place to be stranded…and
I guess it makes a good story we can laugh about now.
Almond croissants can make any situation better! ^^
Back on the road finally…like baby like grandma!
Best breakfast on the terrace our final morning in Provence! ^^
My mom wanted a picture with our darling Airbnb host Marie-Pierre because we loved her so much :)
Those rooftops ^^
My little French girl ^^
Au Revoir, Provence! I hope to come back and stay a lot longer next time.



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