Tuscany Road Trip

Tuscany Road Trip

Setting off on a Tuscan road trip with friends is a great idea – just take it from us!
We met up with our friends in Florence, packed into a Volkswagen, and hit the road.
I’ve already posted some highlights of the trip, but here is a complete itinerary in case
you have an inkling to do something similar … which I very much hope that you do :)
IMG_2619First things first, with car rentals in Europe – always go with Auto Europe.
We worked with their Italy office to rent from Florence which was great.
We’ve always had the best prices + service with them, and they’ll help you avoid lots of
the headaches of renting a car in Europe. (You can see all of my car rental tips for Europe here!)
Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary!3Second – choose the right route to rent a car. After having cars in all different parts of Europe,
we’ve found that they are best when you’re leaving major cities and going to the countryside. You may want to consider some car parts for your vehicle before setting off on your big adventure, you can look at compare sites online and Compare Performance Parts. It may even be worth getting an RV if you are looking to travel really long distances. You may need to ensure you have found reliable batteries for rvs before setting off!
With narrow streets and limited parking it is such a hassle to have a rental car in big European
cities, but so much fun to have them once you head out of the cities. We’ve loved road tripping
in places like Ireland, and this time Tuscany truly stole the show as the most gorgeous + relaxing
road trip. The open roads, the views, the stops along the way…this itinerary is hard to beat.
IMG_2639IMG_2352We landed in Bologna and took the train down to Florence first.
The Firenze city center controls cars pretty tightly and it’s actually illegal
to drive in some parts of center … so we opted to enjoy Florence on foot
and rent the car the day we were leaving! We picked it up in city center
which made it so we didn’t have to pay any airport pickup fees as well.
IMG_2528From Florence we headed South further into Tuscany and toured an olive oil
farm (with an incredible tasting). It was called I Greppi di Silli and it was my
dream come true in life. I hope you go, and I hope I go back. See it HERE. It was
less than an hour from Florence, but completely out of the city and so stunning.
IMG_2620From the farm we continued past Tuscan towns like Volterra and arrived to our absolutely
magical villa hotel called Borgo Pignano. We slowed down so much and just enjoyed it here.
It was truly everything I dreamt that a stay in Tuscany would be, and you can see more here! I could tell that there was so much more of Tuscany to see so I really want to come again and look for Small Group Tours of Tuscany so we can see all the things we missed and get a tour from an experienced guide!
IMG_2643IMG_2638We passed through so many darling towns and villages on our road trip
and took time to explore and soak things in. As much as I love train travel in
Europe, it is a luxury to have the open road and your own schedule to explore.
IMG_2788From the Volterra town we headed all the way up to Pisa to
base the rest of our stay, which included a day trip to Cinque Terre.
At the end of our trip we dropped the car in Pisa and flew from there.
Since it was in the same country, there wasn’t a major drop fee for a
different city thanks to Auto Europe knowing the ropes. This made it
so easy and it was a perfect loop to do without returning to Florence!
IMG_2644I’m sharing more from Pisa and Cinque Terre next, but I hope this rough itinerary helps!
Great hotel options and discounts for the area can also be found here at Hotels.com!
IMG_2616This crew was the best for road tripping ^^ We packed it in (literally in
the car, and figuratively in our route ;) and loved every second.

Thank you to Auto Europe for partnering with us on this post!

IMG_2528 IMG_2527 IMG_2526

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