Pretty Palm Springs

Pretty Palm Springs

We just returned from a visit to Palm Springs, my first time there! Even before we got here, I knew I would love it. This is a place that I definitely advise everyone to visit, at least once in their life. Plus, there were so many kid friendly activities in Palm Springs, which made it even better. Here’s what we got up to. We found a half marathon down there and it was perfect timing over
the long weekend for President’s Day…so off we went! I didn’t know
what to expect, but enjoyed getting a dose of most of the area and
we liked it! We stayed in Palm Desert and went all over. Pictures from
the half marathon are coming next, but here are some from the weekend!

Little fan of the acai bowls every morning at Fresh Juice Bar ^^
My uncle took us to explore the Thousand Palms Oasis in the
Coachella Valley Preserve which was so beautiful! It’s an actual
oasis in the middle of the desert where pressure from the San Andreas
Fault created springs which in turn created palm trees! Hence the name
Palm Springs…who knew?! Most of the palm trees in the area are brought
in from Florida & Mexico, but the ones here are natural and so unique.
^^ Cruising baby around in the back of the tricycle :)My number one place to eat was Shields Date Garden,
because of their famous date shakes (our FAVORITE!)
We decided to eat at their cafe too and it was my favorite
spot. Date pancakes, house salad (with dates), and the shake.
I love that they grow dates and grapefruit right there at the garden!

If you’ve never tried a date shake, put it on your list.^^ And definitely add date pancakes to the list too.
I will definitely be attempting re-create these at home.

All of the types of dates for sale ^^ I stocked up,
because we love dates so much…in salads, in
oatmeal, smoothies, and shakes of course ;)

Date shakes with Travie! ^^
We stopped by Sunnylands, where all the presidents have stayed! ^^
We stayed at the JW Marriott Palm Desert and it was definitely
my favorite part (next to the date shakes ;) It was so gorgeous and
a place I would definitely come back to with family in the future.
Prettiest property ever, and the boat rides!! :
She wasn’t so sure about the water at first because it needed to be a
tiny bit warmer — but we still gave it a try before taking her to the tub :)

Breakfast at the famous Sherman’s, and shopping for Palm Springs baby attire :)
One happy girl on vacay! ^^
And, some cute road trippers on the way back up the coast ^^

Thanks for the fun weekend, Palm Springs!
Race photos coming next!


5 thoughts on “Pretty Palm Springs”

    • yum i’m glad to know you can find them in hawaii!! so good, we’ve been making healthier versions at home too :)


  • can’t wait to see the half marathon pics! i’m doing my first half marathon in April (SLC half). not going for time though b/c I had hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy, was in bed rest for most of pregnancy, and just basically feel like I lost all my muscles during pregnancy. haha. and of course, I’ve been sick twice (once w/ strep) in the last few weeks. I blame the snow and cold weather here.

    • oh my goodness that is crazy! you are so tough to go through that! i’ve done the SLC half, it’s so fun and hard from what i remember! but races are way more fun when you’re not worried about time, like us with the stroller :) good luck!!

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