Reagan at 7 months

Reagan at 7 months

Lucky number seven!
Reagan girl, we love you and your seven month old self.
You are growing up more and more, and it seems like you have changed so much
mentally this month — you’re so smart and becoming such a little human! You
have the best sense of humor already and you make us laugh and smile every day.
Some updates from the month:

  • You’ve started mimicking things we do!
  • You stick your tongue out at us when we stick it out at you. You did it for the first time at your 6 month appointment and all of us laughed so hard! Dad got you to blow bubbles and make a funny noise with it too.
  • You are loving food!!! Sweet potatoes, butternut, avocado, rooibos, smoothies, beets, strawberries, anything. I’ll have to do a whole post on food because we have lots of cool gadgets and pictures of you eating.
  • You chat so much all day long, and we think your first word is Dada! All day you say “Dadadadadada” and it is heart-melting. It makes your dad (and me) SO happy! Dad loves moving your chin up and down with your finger to make you talk.
  • You love the Google Home – if we talk to it, you always look over at it and wait to hear what it’s going to say.
  • We all love dancing/singing to music with you, and your current favorite is the pineapple smoothie song!
  • You now sleep on your stomach sometimes and it’s so sweet!
  • You’re sleeping 11-12 hours per night, sometimes with one nursing wake-up within there. But doing great and the best napper!!

♥♥♥ ^^
Sitting up playing at church like the sweet girl you are!
(Hour 1 and 2 are like this, by hour 3 it’s not as smooth ;)
First long road trip this month, down the coast to Palm Springs!
You were so patient, and so pretty with those baby blues ^^

^^ Playing with your #1 favorite bunny toy in your bunny pants :)
Our cute little reader! We are slowly but surely collecting the
All Aboard travel books from BabyLit and I’m obsessed with them!
City babe! ^^
Some fun SF dates this month ^^
Growing up!
Sticking your tongue out at me, and can’t get over that blonde hair in the sun ^^
First eating!! ^^

^^ Repping her U of U binky while we watched a U basketball game! 
No teeth yet, but loving chewing on everything – especially this teething egg!
Your first eating adventures — sweet potatoes :)
Little setup for your first solid food meal of butternut and sweet potatoes ^^

Love your fuzzy duckling hair, especially static-y in the swing!
Lots of gold hearts all month for Valentines!
Reading about the Bay, and all of our other favorite places ^^
Starting to sleep on the stomach a little more now, which is so sweet!
Lately we’re just having to let you eat sans clothes due to the messes ;) ^^
Looking so grown up holding your own book!
Your sweet face when we gave you a little new toy on Valentines morning
(Thanks Mimi! )
First Valentines Day! Every holiday is more fun with you ^^
So happy at the Oakland temple! ^^

We ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you, little RKR.

Happy 7 months!

3 thoughts on “Reagan at 7 months”

  • she is such a cutie ♥ do you/did you get nervous when she sleeps on her tummy? my 7 month old prefers to sleep on his tummy and although the pediatrician says it’s ok, we still get nervous about it, so we keep trying to turn him and put him on his side or his back, but most of the time he just turns back on his tummy.

    love the Utes binky, btw =)

    • hi! it would have made me so nervous, but lots of friends have said their babies started sleeping on the stomach around this age and slept longer that way, so i wasn’t too worried but made sure to keep an eye on the monitor the first few times she did it. since then she’s been moving all around in her sleep so she has all different positions! haha and yes go utes!

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