the east bay panoramic trail

the east bay panoramic trail


we discovered a new favorite hike while staying over in berkeley last weekend. complete with perfect weather, we stumbled upon the greatest trail with sweeping views of the entire bay. known as the stonewall panoramic trail in claremont canyon, we started it right above berkeley’s campus and wound our way up – up – up to a gem of a hike. it made for such a great saturday in the east bay and here are some pictures for proof!


the green, sunny hills were so inviting. how could we resist venturing on this trail?


panoramic trail

happy hikers! ^^


especially when we came upon THIS VIEW. look across the bay and you can see san francisco herself!
we lucked out with the greatest weather day with clear skies and views forever!


then we found this old wooden tree swing with one of the best views i’ve ever had on a swing :)

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ha – we were like little kids!



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bay area dwellers – put this on your bucket list to swing on one day. it’s a treat.

panoramic trail2

the views just get better the further up you go … and so do the wildflowers along the trail.
if you continue hiking, you can make it to grizzly peak with an even higher vantage point!

panoramic trail3
  all of that huffing and puffing warranted the best brunch in berkeley: rick & ann’s!

    IMG_3859   IMG_3863

this is our pick for brunch in berkeley! classic, american brunch in a great setting.

IMG_3866 IMG_3867

their pancakes are some of the best! we fully recommend the whole grain pancakes. unbelievably great.


panoramic trail6

you should also try the most popular dish, the north east “red hash” full of fresh red beets,
sweet potatoes, white potatoes,red onion and bacon…complete with eggs
and a homemade scone or other side. very unique, very FILLING.

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a sunny hike with amazing views + exploring a new place + the best brunch
all add up to quite an ideal saturday in my book! we will be back to this trail..


see more of berkeley here and here.

11 thoughts on “the east bay panoramic trail”

  • Beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing hike. Will most definitely be trying this one the next time I visit San Francisco! xo

  • Thanks for the hike recommendation! Looks great!! I sent you a facebook message this morning and i’m unsure if that’s a good way to reach you but if you see this please go check it out! I just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are and how your cheerful and positive personality in your blog helps get me through any bad days! Much love!

    • i’m so glad you told me because it was in the “other” folder that doesn’t notify! it made my DAY you cutie pie! adore you! xoxoxo

  • I love your new blog design! So cute! Also, that swing looks dreamy. I’ve always wanted to take professional pics with a swing like this involved. haha

  • Hiee….thanks for the post! love the view and the hike…..I have added this to my bucket list….can you give me more info about the swing on the hike?? How much higher up on the hike will I find the swing??…. the view while swinging is going to be the biggest motivation for the hike….:D :D :) !! Thanks in advance

    • hi! of course — so we found the trail right above campus near maxwell field. we followed the path up along the hills, then took it as it wound down to the right and into the trees. follow that path for about ten minutes, and once you come to the clearing you’ll see the swing! from there you can continue on or stop and enjoy the view :)

      hope that helps!

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