old delhi

old delhi
we started off our india trip in old delhi, an ancient and
historic city filled with monuments and rickshaws and 
fruit stands and spices and lots & lots of people.
it was exactly how we had pictured india. 
the streets were so chaotic but amazing,
and there was so much to take in at once!
the beauty & the disparity hit you all at once,
and the sensory overload is hard to explain.
it was surreal to suddenly be across the
world in this crazy, bustling, different city.
i love the first day of a trip. i’m always running on
adrenaline and i think one of the best feelings in the
world is being in a place you’ve never been.
^^ right in old delhi is the jama masjid
india’s largest mosque. 
^^ the colors & structure are so pretty to take in…
if any part of your leg is visible, they drape you
in robes {like you can see on me and over chase’s
shorts} then you take your shoes off and walk in!
i think it was a really good look for chase :)
^^ one thing to get used to in india = you have to take
your shoes off at every single mosque and lots of temples.
^^ love this archway shot looking out on the city
^^ we met the first of many darling children
and gave them some ghirardelli chocolates 
to bring a taste of our home to india! :)
^^ loved all the fruit / nut / spice stands
and, time for a rickshaw ride through the tiniest, most
crowded/ dirty streets. it really gave us a feel for old delhi!
^^ made a stop at the best spice shop, the
secret behind all that great indian food!
^^ my face while we went through these narrow,
crowded streets with cables hanging above!
cute rickshaw rider ^^
^^ view of the mosque as we came back through old delhi
and, a mountain of monkeys we happened upon.
best thing ever, and first of many monkey gangs
we saw and stared at forever. the videos of them
eating bananas are the best, i’ll share them soon! ^^

^^ can anyone handle this?

i’m still so amazed we didn’t hit anything while he was
pedaling through the insane streets and holding a gopro. ^^

 everyone clear the roads, chase is at the wheel
of the rickshaw! :) i love this guy and love that
he will pedal me around in a rickshaw in india.
new delhi coming at you next.
where is the most chaotic place you’ve been? 
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