Midway Getaway

Midway Getaway

This year our Dunn family boating getaway was a little bit different.
We go to the Tetons every year my entire life, and it’s our favorite place in the world.
This year we were fully planning on it, but with family schedules it wasn’t making sense.
Both of my brothers and their families could only come for 1-2 days of it, and we were all
going to miss each other and barely overlap! It’s a 5-6 hour drive from Salt Lake which we
were all flying into, and it was starting to be more stressful than relaxing! So a week before,
my parents decided to change it this year and stay closer to home. We all went to Midway instead
and boated, relaxed, stayed at such a fun house, biked, played games, ate, and mostly spent time
together which was the whole point. So my parents moved their Jackson dates to August which
we won’t make since it’s baby month, but we’ll definitely make it keep happening all the future
years..it just wasn’t in the cards this time! … and, camping in the tent cabins was probably not going to
be the most comfortable thing this year at 8 months pregnant :) So it probably all worked out for the best!
Here are a few highlights from our Midway getaway. It’s the prettiest and most darling area!
In love with this little Swiss town ^^
Cousins happy to be together playing! ^^
Driving the boat with Papa ^^
Boating fun! It’s not summer without it.All the grandkids in the tube with Papa! ^^
Little boat napper who woke up confused :) ^^
Views from the patio ^^
Nightly twister…the kids LOVED this game ha, I had forgotten all about it!
Summer night games ^^
Have to stop at the classic Dairy Keen when in Heber!
Those burgers and shakes hit the spot after a day of boating.
Fresh raspberry shakes and girlie cousins ^^
Morning bike ride with Chase to Heber ^^
Hot hot hike! ^^
At least we earned our breakfast from Linny ^^
Little darling at the swimming pool ^^
Reagan and Bennett with Papa & Yaya! ^^
Lots of smiles and playing!
Pancake breakfast bar with all the grandkids lined up…and tubs with cousins! ^^
World Cup watching at the house…fun timing to have these games on!
Had to pass by this cute June Pies even though it was closed. We’ve had them and love them!
Our cutest friend and hostess Kathy left us cookies from Süss and we were all obsessed!!!

After a fun few days with very little sleep for this girl, she passed out on our car ride down the canyon.
She’s not used to the amount of fun and sun here! :) Loved our time together with the Dunn fam..
and nothing like staying all in one place together for a few days to get our fill!




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