4th of July! 2 0 1 8

4th of July!  2 0 1 8

It’s always so fun to be in Utah with family for the 4th.
We were last year too, so it felt like we were continuing some traditions.
We woke up on a hot day and went to the neighborhood breakfast by my
parents house and ward, and headed down to meet Chase’s family for the
Millcreek Parade! We swam and got lunch at the Country Club after, then
took long naps (yes all of us – not only Reagan :) and had a classic barbecue
that night with my family including some backyard soccer and volleyball games.
It was fun, hot, exhausting, and festive as usual! Always love the 4th!

My kind of breakfast spread ^^
The Rigby cousins all lined up with their decorated trikes/ bikes/ scooters!
It was so fun and cute to actually be in the parade. Mimi brought candy and
toys for the kids to throw, which Reagan thought was so cool as the went by :)
Even the houses lining the area were so festive and patriotic ^^
Drew and Rach in their golf cart stealing the show! ^^
Chase and his mom – cute parade marchers ^^
Best street for a parade route to go down! (Until you have to walk back up it to your car at the end ;)
Little cousins born 2 days apart in their matching bows in the parade!
Couldn’t stop smiling at this cute sight ^^ Some people go big with their floats
and we just did the little bike section but it seriously was so cute and fun!
This house though! Could it be more perfect for the 4th!?
We saw so many friends along the parade route as we walked, (always forget how everyone knows
everyone in Utah) so it was funny to stop every few feet and say hi to people! Our friend
snapped this pic which was our only one together the whole day, ha! Thanks Olivia!
My parents did a big bike ride and swung by the parade in time to see Reagan ride by on her bike!
Our other niece and nephew were there too so it was one big party.
Then off to the Country Club where this one was LOVING the water and basically diving in over and over.
Meanwhile I was posted up in the shade with my CC tuna melt — no one does it better, promise!
All done swimming and ready to nap!Then ready for a 4th BBQ!
Our first time having JDAWGS thanks to my dad mastering them and stocking up on the sauce ^^
Perfect meal with family, that I am still full from (that goes for every meal in Utah!)
Patriotic cuties waving their flags, then watching the soccer game hand in hand ^^
^^ Nothing like a cute cousin table full of happy kiddos
Pickleball happening, as always ^^
..and we looked over to see little Benny lounging on the chair with a huge
corn on the cob– he got the corn and up on the chair all by himself haha!


Happy 4th! Thankful for family, and especially for our amazing country we get to call home.
We were abroad for a few of them and always love being back in the USA to celebrate now!




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