Baby in the Big Apple

Baby in the Big Apple

Baby and I tagged along on Chase’s business trip to NYC last week…
and New York City with a baby is a whole different story! We
had fun, but this trip was a bit more exhausting after the
blessing weekend with family in town, and the other
trips we’ve had this fall. I knew we were pushing it
a little bit to add this in before holiday travel, but
with Chase having to go and me having a bestie
and cousin in NY, I couldn’t resist! Chase talked
me into it which normally doesn’t happen with
travels (it’s always me making the plans) so I
went for it. It was a lot, but we’re glad we went.
img_2207It was memorable to land at JFK on election night to
some very surprising results coming in. We listened
to the returns continue to come in as we cabbed into
Manhattan, passing both candidate headquarters and
Times Square where results were being projected on
the big screen. We grabbed Shake Shack, checked into
our hotel, and proceeded to stay up past 2 AM to see the
craziest results. It was so surreal that both candidates
were less than a mile from our hotel. More thoughts
on that outcome later, but it was definitely a memorable
(and exhausting) start to the trip. We’ll never forget it!
img_6542View from our hotel room ^^
img_2173Amazing staircase at Abby’s apartment building… ^^
img_2178…and even better views from it ^^
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetSpeaking of good views…we couldn’t get enough of this one! ^^
img_6357Is there a cuter thing than dads + daughters?
img_6429Lots of walks in Central Park with its perfect temps + colors.
img_6436img_6323Hot chocolate, fall leaves, and city walks with baby girl ^^
img_6484 img_6426img_6319Rainy day in the park ^^
img_6513^^ Walking the streets with my girl!
img_6534Chase joined us in between meetings and it was so fun
to walk around the big city together! (Although we’ve
been spoiled by SF and our life in California because
the city definitely seemed dirty, loud, smelly, windy
& hectic haha! Probably because we had baby with us ;)
img_6326One day I walked over to meet my cousin who lives in NYC,
and as I walked the Upper East Side to her place I spotted Jane
and her girls from across the street. Cutest city mom! ^^^
(Truly, she’s amazing. I don’t know how she does it here with 2!)
img_6337img_6439Cliché leaf shot because that yellow color! ^^
img_6434img_6423img_6378We loved doing lunch with Jane on her birthday and
letting these baby girl second cousins (born a month apart!)
get some play time in. I can’t believe we are both moms now!!
nyc6img_6452Walks with Abigail through the park,
what our high school selves dreamed of! ^^
img_6474nyc16img_6481 Abby was with us on this pretty day in the park,
and so she took lots of pictures for us. Why don’t we
always have her around for this (and many other) reasons?!
img_6456Pretending to live the life of Serena + Blair ;) ^^^
img_6491We definitely tired this little one out with this trip…
I feel so bad because our other trips were so much
smoother and less hard on her, but the combination
of the busy week before, the time change, long flight
delays, and her growing up made this one a little harder.
She was a sweetheart but was for sure thrown off by it!
^^ Chase made sure to get us a banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery, and
said this will be his tradition with Reagan every time he brings her here :)
I hope they re-create this picture each time!
nyc2I made Chase stop into Ray’s Pizza to get me a slice of their
famous White Pizza. My first time to NYC when I was 8, my
dad took me around the corner from our hotel the first night
late at night to get a slice of Ray’s and I picked the white pizza.
Ever since I have to go back for it at least once per trip :)
img_6385The High Line ^^
nyc17Fun to be in the city as the holidays are beginning ^^

img_6465Though NYC is such a fun city, we’ve been lots of times and done
so many sights so this trip was all about seeing people we love.
The best parts were just being together and spending time with
Jane, Brady, Ralph + Abby. Love having Reagan meet people we love!
nycnyc2^^ My CUTEST cousin had these famous
NYC black & white cookies to welcome us :)
nyc10img_6411img_6392Visiting Dad after work at the Google NY office ^^
img_2204^^ Baby girl + Big Apple!img_6403Nothing like showing this girl the world. . .
even if we trade some sleep + sanity for it.
Thanks for having us, New York!


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