Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing

reagan-baby-blessingMy heart could burst, it is so full from our baby girl’s blessing this
past weekend. It was so sweet and special and something I will
always remember. I’ve looked so forward to this day since the
day I knew we were having a baby, because there’s so much
comfort to be found in knowing our little one has an amazing
church and ward and community to be welcomed into and
blessed in. It was a little bit different than I had ever imagined
with us living away and my parents not able to come, but it
still ended up being so special and our loved ones who weren’t
here in person were still such a part of it – facetiming in, seeing
pictures, & hearing the recording of it! We may not have had all
of our family and friends here in person since we’re so spread
out, but we had both families represented along with our
very best friends here in California. Chase’s blessing was the
sweetest, baby Reagan was perfect during it (not one peep
despite it being nap time!), and we definitely felt truly blessed.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetMy little angel babe! ^^
Her vintage dress was found by her Mimi, and my
sister-in-law Mindy altered it to fit perfectly!
gold & rose crown is from darling Hunter Bowtique.

img_6188img_6218img_6191So sweet and smiley, like she knew it was her big day! ^^
baby-blessing4We took pictures before heading over to church because
I knew it would be crazy after, so I’m glad we got a few!
img_6223baby-blessing3My dress is Harper & Bay, the BEST dresses because
they zip down from the neck — perfect for nursing!
baby-blessing18We had the blessing at our church at 9 AM and with the daylight savings
change, I was so worried that she would be crying through the entire
blessing. She had eaten two hours before and was supposed to be
sleeping…she was acting a little fussy as church was starting and
I was sure she would get sad, but Chase got up for the blessing
and she was so calm and sweet, and during all of it she just
stared up at him with her blue eyes like she knew what was
going on. She was perfect and the look on her face was so sweet
when Chase turned her to the crowd after the blessing. Once
she came back to our seats I thought she’d have a hard time,
but she just cuddled in our arms and we passed her down
the row of our friends and fam and she was so peaceful.
It felt special that she was so relaxed and sweet during it!

img_6239A few photos at church after the blessing, of course…
img_6243Such sweet friends to come support baby Rea ^^
We love you, Hammels and Yoders! Thanks for
being first-timers at a Mormon church for Reagan :)
img_6247Tom, Chase, & Dusty… 3 guys Reagan loves!
baby-blessing6So glad to have both families represented with Chase’s parents,

and my brother & sis-in-law Mindy and Brady. It meant so much
they would all fly out and represent my parents and the rest of
our siblings. My parents and brother Jeff and Whit all FaceTimed
in and got a recording of the blessing right after, so they felt close!
We also had our close family friend Kathryn there, along with our
amazing ward friends. Lots of love surrounded little Reagan!

baby-blessing1My mother-in-law Shelley brought the sweetest thing — a baby ring

for her to keep and maybe even pass down to her little one someday.
We tied it on her finger so she can know she was blessed in it. ^^
As always she was SO helpful, thourghtul and generous with
the events surrounding the blessing. Glad they live so close!

baby-blessing7Haha I love her face here…starting to
realize she’s hungry during all of the photos! :)
img_2025Kendall & Tammi took a million surprise selfies on my phone
while we took pictures, ha ^^ Couldn’t love them more. 
img_6175Back to our apartment for a little brunch, which
was so nice to have at home even though it’s small!
baby-blessingA little setup of crepes + toppings, quiche, croissants, and fruit ^^
img_6274baby-blessing13Cute Shelley helping so much since I had to
nurse baby after all of the morning events! ^^
baby-blessing10The crepe station was the best part, seeing everyone’s creations! ^^

baby-blessing8Baby being loved on plenty all day long ^^
She was so tired from everything she just chilled!

baby-blessing9While I was feeding Reagan I asked Chase to snap a few pictures
and this is what I got…Tom & Brady eating their crepes ;)
img_6276Bay besties ^^

baby-blessing12Alders & Hogans ^^ Love these friends!
baby-blessing19img_2065Cute Brady and Mindy took Reagan on a little park walk
during the party and she fell asleep in Brady’s arms!
So excited for them to give her another new cousin in Feb.

baby-blessing16^^ There was so much help and love surrounding the blessing,
from Mindy sewing dress alterations by hand the night before, &
Rachel dropping off the yummiest cookies without even being asked!
img_6277^^ Cocola Bakery Quiche, AMAZING!
I wanted to make my own but this was so much
easier with the blessing, and honestly so much better.
It is sold at Costco out here or at Cocola.
img_6292Everyone stayed for a long time eating and chatting.
It was fun to have some of our favorite people in one place.
img_6297My favorite little girls came over after church ^^
love Lucy & Mae and hope Reagan is just like them!
img_6228Smothered with love … by the end of the day we had one tired
little bebe on our hands. She didn’t nap well because she didn’t want
to miss the party I guess! Luckily we finally got her down and relaxed
later on once everyone left, but it had definitely been a long day for her.
She did so well and was darling through it all which was so endearing!

img_2076^^ This sums up exactly how we feel, times a million.
Thank you to our loved ones who surrounded us on
this special day! I can’t wait to see her live out all of the
beautiful promises, wishes and hopes from her blessing.


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