Capitola Weekend Getaway at the Chaminade

Capitola Weekend Getaway at the Chaminade

Last weekend we were invited to go have a little family getaway
at the coast and experience Chaminade Resort in Capitola!
img_0421Even though the Santa Cruz / Capitola area is only an hour from us,
it’s so much nicer to actually spend the whole weekend there instead
of drive in traffic to the beach on a Saturday. We loved kicking off fall
together at this fun resort in the mountains looking down at the beach.
img_4988img_4883The Chaminade is hidden away just a few miles up from
the beach in the area of Soquel, above Capitola. My next
goal is to get to know all of these Santa Cruz areas better!
img_0392We took the prettiest tree-lined roads to get there because
there was bad traffic along the freeway, so it was a magical
entrance to drive up into the resort! We drove down Friday
after work and arrived to mountain & ocean views from up high.
img_5014img_4900The hidden away location made it feel like a real getaway from
the second we pulled off the road and wound our way up to it.
It’s quite the contrast from the busy Santa Cruz boardwalk!
img_4884Aside from the gorgeous setting and views, it’s also pretty eclectic with
something for everyone. Most of the place has a low-key and outdoorsy
feel with hiking trails on the property, tennis courts, volleyball,
a fun pool, and more making up the resort. It felt family-friendly
which was perfect for our first getaway as just us with baby girl!
img_4985^^ Baby Reagan travels in style with her little hotel bed :)
We brought the Dockatot which she loves hanging out in.
I only wish it was easier to pack, because we can only bring it on
road trips … too big to pack on flights! It’s perfect in hotels though.

img_0360Our college football game was on later that night, (Utes vs. USC!)
so we decided to hike the trail right on the property before the game.
img_0378img_0373img_0374Little goldie blonde eyelashes, snoozing on our hike ^^
img_0375Gotta love a hotel with its own hiking trails! 
img_0423We took a quick dip in the pool after the hike and before the game
(which we won in an amazing comeback over USC :)
img_4906 img_0463Baby’s first dip in the pool! ^^
We took it slow first with some toe dips, but it was really
warm and she liked it — especially staring at the shiny water!
img_4899img_4892img_4895We had perfect weather with crisp fall nights and 75 degree days.
img_0403We warmed her up to the water in the bath using the
Otteroo! Has anyone heard of these things? They are
all the rage and allow babies (8 weeks and up) to float!
We are easing her into trying it, but hoping she’ll love it!
capitola-weekend-getawayHotel hanging with our favorite!
img_0408Cutest little football fan, doing tummy time while watching ^^
img_5003 capitola-weekend-getaway5 Sunset walks ^^
img_5006img_5009On our way to dinner!
img_0439BEST dinner views from Linwood’s ^^
img_5010img_5012img_5015We loved our meal here on the terrace looking over the best
view with baby sleeping in her stroller right nearby.
A grilled artichokes started things off perfectly…
img_5017Sautéed prawns with a rich cream sauce ^^
img_5020We both got salads for mains: teriyaki salmon for me, skirt steak for him.
img_5021Both so fresh and delicious and perfect!
(Any salad with an entire avocado in it gets a thumbs up from me)

capitola-weekend-getaway7 Ending with chocolate layer cake + sticky toffee pudding was a grand idea.
capitola-weekend-getaway4The last morning of our stay we went into town for church,
then back for a yummy brunch before hitting the road!
img_5024img_5026Yes, please ^^
img_5028 capitola-weekend-getaway6 Goodbye for now, Chaminade!
img_5007Thanks for helping us say goodbye to summer and hello to fall!


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