Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Baby

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Baby

One of the brightest, happiest little spots you can find =
the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! Yes it’s busy and
crowded and sticky and hot and all a little crazy,
but it’s also full of color, treats, rides, and fun
memories. We like a lot of quieter, more local
beaches nearby…but once in a while it’s worth
stopping along the boardwalk to get a dose.

img_0431We are lucky to live less than an hour from here
and I have a feeling the boardwalk will be even
more fun once Reagan gets a little bit older to
go on rides. This time we just strolled along,
got one of the best lunches, walked the pier,
and grabbed ice cream…all while she napped! 

img_4907 img_4910 img_4911The Picnic Basket! ^^^
When in Santa Cruz…this place is a must for lunch.
img_4931Go for the Chicken Salad + Reuben sandwiches.
Also — any salad on their menu is amazing.
img_4932Chase is still talking about this one ^^
img_4935Chewiest toffee & oatmeal cookies ^^

img_4926santa-cruz-beach-boardwalk-with-baby2 img_4933The train passed by while we were having lunch on the patio ^^
Planning to take this soon (maybe even the ghost train in Oct!)
img_4939img_4942 img_4941santa-cruz-beach-boardwalk-with-baby4img_4956 img_4949 img_4960Back along the pier after the boardwalk…
santa-cruz-beach-boardwalk-with-baby6There was a T-Bird car show on the pier with
classic 60’s music playing and every color of car..

img_4961 img_4962 img_4967 img_4968 img_4969Our last stop was the best of all…Penny Ice Creamery!
Everyone knows Marianne’s ice cream in Santa Cruz,
but this is the smaller & more gourmet option that we LOVE.
All of the flavors are made from scratch with local seasonal ingredients.
img_4974One burnt cinnamon cone, please!
img_4972 img_4977And… the real reason to come ^^ any flavor can be topped with
toasted marshmallow fluff…so like a s’more on an ice cream cone.
AKA, heaven!
img_4929A day filled with blue skies, beach, good food, and ice cream is a
good day in our book! Can’t wait to come back with baby again and again.


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