shanghai {part two}

shanghai {part two}
wow– a two week trip through asia took a long time to recap!
this is officially the last post of the trip– the end of our time in shanghai.
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anyway, we fully enjoyed our final night in shanghai with a cruise on the huang pu river. the views of the skyline were unbelievable. they have some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, and they are all bunched together! we walked down nanjing road and to the bund..we could NOT believe the amount of people. MASSES! the last time i have seen crowds like that was in tokyo. it showed how populated shanghai truly is. i got some of my very favorite pictures that night, because as i walked behind chase i was doubled over laughing at how much he stood out in the sea of asian people. you can see for yourself below in the pictures a little ways down! this post also highlights visiting the jing’an temple, having some good food, and riding the subway all over before saying goodbye to shanghai and china.
^^ in shanghai we had our favorite breakfast of the trip, finally tasted like home! ^^
^^ just riding the subway with the locals ^^
the jing’an temple
^^ some yummy street food, that finally wasn’t alive! :) ^^
strolling in shanghai
^^ we loved the pool at our was up on a high floor 
with windows overlooking the city! ^^
^^ along with a hot tub where you could watch asian 
music videos, haha very entertaining ^^
^^ the maglev magnet train was’s faster than the bullet train and goes 300 mph! ^^
 we had to…haha! don’t get me wrong, we loved trying all the new and different food in china..but after 12 straight days of chinese food, our stomachs were ready for mcdonald’s {for husband} and subway {for me}.
 walking nanjing street at night
 here are my favorite pictures, where husband was standing out just a little bit!
i couldn’t handle it!
handsome husband at the bund
people on people on people
this picture will forever live in infamy as the funniest thing ever…we looked at it after and saw this guy behind me and laughed so hard! how did i not notice him standing so close??? 
then he disappeared
after our river cruise
of course, a few more picture requests :)
we lived it up our last night in shanghai,
and the next day had the longest flight home…
so long that chase decided to “create his own business class” on the floor!
it was hilarious and so unsanitary! if nothing else, he’s innovative.
 and this was one of our delightful foods served on the flight…
“hot picked mustard tuber” like i said, pack your own food when flying air china! :)
goodbye china! we miss you, but thank you for an incredible adventure through five cities.
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