it’s a BOY!

it’s a BOY!

Can’t believe we have a little baby boy on the way…still pinching ourselves! This little boy already feels so special and so real to us, especially from being a bright spot during this crazy COVID time in the world. It has also been a different pregnancy as we found out the gender a few weeks early, due to some extra genetic testing that was flagged in my bloodwork. We were told the baby had a likelihood of some genetic issues, and spent almost an entire day at the hospital meeting with a genetic counselor and doing plenty of testing. After a few weeks of waiting for results we heard that it was a false positive, and that everything looks okay. We are very grateful for no added health complications, but also grateful for the experience to add more gratitude, empathy, and openness to our life. It was overwhelming to have the unknowns and worry especially on top of all that is happening in the world (and I got the first phone call the same day Claire had broken her wrist and was dealing with that)… So I felt a lot of worry and unknown, but by the end of the process we felt completely at peace that the right baby was coming to us regardless. It made us even more grateful just to get to bring life into this world, and to never ever take for granted a healthy child. Being a parent brings a major loss of control, and puts your heart on the chopping block – and we’ve felt this lately more than ever. We know that our children, complications or not, will bring us ups and downs their entire lives. It’s been a reminder that they come how they are, and we are here to love and nurture and help them along. They definitely teach us much more than we ever teach them. I just wanted to share this to remember the sweet and tender experience, and relate to those who have gone through worries and other much more serious things with their babies. All in all, this baby boy has taught us so much and he’s not even born yet. We love him and feel so so grateful for him. And, his two big sisters are very excited about him…especially after getting to find out with bright blue cotton candy ice cream! :) They’ll never forget finding out! This was the first time Chase and I found out at the appointment together which was fun, and then stopped for ice cream and brought it home to surprise them! Love you, baby boy to be! And yay for this week being halfway through the pregnancy! Starting to feel much better (each pregnancy the nausea has improved right at 19 weeks) and although this boy pregnancy was much less severe, it still feels amazing to be nausea-free now. Can’t wait to keep seeing him grow. Xo

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  • SO SO excited for you guys! And love seeing how excited the girls are about having a little brother. Loving the ice cream reveal with them!

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