The Hamptons!

The Hamptons!

The Hamptons were all that I dreamed of!
I feel like this is an area that people know of from it being in TV shows, movies, and
all the crazy celebrity parties there, but people actually don’t visit as commonly?
It always seemed intimidating to me to visit since it’s portrayed as the place that
Manhattan’s wealthiest flock to from the city (sometimes even by helicopter) to their
amazing mansions out there. No one I knew had really visited here before, including us!
Especially being out here on the West Coast – the Hamptons are a bit out of the way
and we’d never made it out. After a week in NYC, I chose to spend my birthday
weekend in the Hamptons. It was so perfect and fun to finally explore this beautiful
coastal area and the string of ritzy villages lining it. Even though it’s definitely fancy,
it was so accessible to any type of visitor, especially during shoulder season before
the summer madness! And while there is plenty of glitz and glamour (those houses, wow..)
I actually found the area to be a lot more down to earth than expected. Aside from a few of
the nicest towns (Southampton, East Hampton), the in between is still very rural feeling,
and the furthest-north town of Montauk was surprisingly low-key and still felt like a fishing village.
Some of the craziest mansions and homes are hidden away on lots of land, so it still feels pretty wide open.

We ferried over from Connecticut and saw the North Fork area first, which we LOVED! Then we spent a
full day driving through towns, beaches, and exploring all we could. We stayed at the cutest bed & breakfast
in East Hampton called the Maidstone and loved it all! Here are some pictures of the rest of our stay ::
Those East Coast homes..they do it right! A lot of the styles reminded me on Nantucket
and Cape Cod, but the Hamptons go even bigger and grander. Obsessed!
The beaches were so so beautiful ^^
I was so excited to find the original (and only) Tate’s Bake Shop in Southampton!
You’ve probably seen these at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Costco, World Market…
they are famous cookies that sell all over! They are so yummy and we stocked up,
as well as tried some of their fresh baked desserts there at the bakery. Yum yum!
We went up to the very tip of Long Island and saw the Montauk Point Lighthouse, then
made our way down to the Montauk Yacht Club for the best dinner ever (on my birthday!)
Little explorer who loved the Hamptons all day! ^^
Prettiest dining room at Coast Kitchen, part of the Yacht Club!
Warm bread and butter with sea salt + bee pollen ^^
You know a restaurant will be good when the details are this good from the start!
Chopped kale salad with toasted pine nuts, fennel, radish, and green apples ^^
Can’t ever resist a good burrata ^^ This was SO creamy and amazing.
Little Rea was so sweet at this meal. She had gotten a good car nap while we’d been
driving, and it’s like she knew it was my birthday :) She was an angel! She wanted
noodles, so we ordered her the fancy mac & cheese side off the menu. She ordered them
herself: “I want noodles please!” and was so excited when they were brought out to her.
^^ Blowing on her “noodles” to cool them down!
Roasted half chicken for Chase, with purple potato purée + potato strings.
He subbed the sides in and it was seriously SO so so good. Highly recommend.
I got the New York Steak with asparagus and Brazilian chimichurri…delicious!
We ordered well because our two entrées were so different and we loved sharing them.
The view from one of my favorite meals in a long time, in every way.
The setting, the food, the service, the occasion, the company..I will remember it forever!
Can’t forget tarte tatin for dessert with salted caramel gelato ^^
They brought this out with a little candle for me and it was the perfect end to the birthday meal!
We strolled the harbor after through sunset…
A fire pit in the perfect setting ^^

I am a lucky lucky girl.
We’ll be back to this Yacht Club to stay with our kids one day I hope!
XOXO Hamptons, so glad we made it to you!


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  • I think you’re definitely right about people overlooking the Hamptons. With my husband being in Boston for grad school right now, we are constantly taking little weekend trips through New England, but I never thought to visit the Hamptons. What a good pick for your birthday weekend.

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