Yearly Family Photobooks

Yearly Family Photobooks

It’s getting to the time of year where I always start to make my
photo book and video of the year to recap. Both are a LOT of work
but have been my most prized possessions to look back on — and hopefully
will be the same for our kids and family in the future! I am usually pretty on
top of getting my book made at the end of each year, but for 2016 (the year of
living abroad, moving home from Europe just in time for a baby, starting new jobs,
etc..) I fell far behind and only finished that book recently! I lost my original project
of it and it took me so long to get the motivation to finish it all. Once I did though, it
was so worth it. I shared some glimpses of it on Instagram stories and got lots of requests
to share my process for making photo books! I don’t have any big secret to make it easier,
I will admit it’s a headache for me too…but as the years have gone by I have figured out a
few little tips to make things easier. So I thought I’d share some below. I’d love to hear others!

  • Research photo book companies: I seriously feel like I’ve used so many of the main photo book companies: starting from Apple, to Shutterfly, Chatbooks, Costco, Artifact, Nations Photo Lab, and plenty more. I kind of like to change it around, and have usually just checked Groupon for photo book deals around the holidays and used that one. To be honest, I’m surprised at just how many places can customize photo books for you. It must mean that other people like to have them just as much as me. In fact, my friend has recently told me about another place that can make them for you too. She said that Custom Photo Books, that you can get from places like Giftlab, is the best thing that she’s ever done for her family. It was the perfect gift for her daughter when she finished college, and it has given her a lifetime of memories in one book. That is the beauty of photo books, and now that I know about Giftlab, I might have to try their service too. I like mixing it up. The only downside is not having the exact same process each year, but I like the variety. I’m sure eventually I’ll switch to the same format, but right now I use different ones for different things. For example-I like to use Chatbooks for individual trips or kid year books since it’s more simple and way less time consuming. But for a yearbook, I like making big ones that will print nicely and last. This year I used Nations Photo Lab and it’s nicer than ever! The actual book material is so nice and everyone who has seen it has asked me about where I got it!
  • Organize from day one. I know this is hard, but it makes all the difference. In the past, I have always gone back through ALL of my photos at the end of the year and it’s so overwhelming. I know professionals make use of some of the best photo management software (, but I haven’t used any software as of now. Rather, each month I pull photos into a folder to save them for our yearbook. I have folders for each month, and also for some main events (trips, birthdays, etc) so that when I upload them into the photo book I can have groupings of the exact photos I want. It helps to have the blog because when I organize photos into different posts I just save the ones I want for my book after. Keeping up at least monthly on photos makes all the difference!
  • Going along with above, you could be creating your photobook from day one of the year! If you have a software or program you love and decide on, then every month you can upload and be creating the pages. That’s my eventual goal!
  • My last tip is to give your book variety. I have some pages with two or three huge pictures highlighted, and others with like 10 photos in a collage. For big major events, I like to have the pictures bigger but I also like to include little pictures from day-to-day life and put those on pages with lots of other photos. Although I like the books to look nice, I try to remember to include things that our family will like seeing in the future. Don’t overdo it, but include photos that are meaningful!
  • All of our yearbooks from the start of our marriage! 2012, 13, 14, 15, and 16.
  • Below are some pictures of our recent 2016 yearbook I just made to show some examples
    of pages! This one was packed since it was a year full of so many major life events!
    Showing our life in Holland!
    Finding out the gender of our babe!
    I like using templates for some pages, and designing my own for others.
    I like to keep little paper plane tickets and keepsakes to tape in the back ^^

    Now off to keep working on 2017!!


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