11 months of RR!

This is the last monthly update before
baby Reagan turns a YEAR!
What on earth???

We are so in love with this girl and adore every single day with her.
Seeing her constantly learning more and growing these days is the
biggest treat and privilege in the world. This month was so fun to
take her to Canada and all through BANFF. Showing her the
beauty of the Earth is also the best thing ever. I love seeing her
discover and notice things, wave to strangers, take in the sky
and trees and animals and food and smells anywhere we go.
This month she has started to understand so much more,
to chatter constantly, to make us laugh even more, to stand
a little on her own, and to walk all around holding onto our
hands or her little roller. She’s smart and curious and happy
and hilarious and we love her to the moon and back.

Dear 11-month old Rea:

♥ One of my very favorite things you do right now is pat me on the back every time I pick you up. It is the sweetest and most endearing thing and I hope it never stops.

♥ You are so smart and have picked up on so many words that we say. Earlier this month I said peek-a-boo but didn’t do any actions, and suddenly you put your hands over your eyes on your own! I was amazed that you recognized and knew what I had said without seeing the action. Now you do this if I say clap, wave, etc! It’s so fun to see what you know.

♥ You give the best and cheesiest smiles with your two little front teeth on top and bottom … 4 total right now!

♥ You chatter ALL day. It sounds like you’re having a full on conversation with us in jibberish and dad and I love to translate and pretend to know what you’re saying. It makes us laugh so hard! The words you do have down are dada, mamamamama, papa, yaya, yes, ball, emi (haha my favorite -you really do call me emi sometimes! :) “mmm”, num num num while eating… and then lots of your own language ;)

♥ You crawl around in the cutest way and love to find any type of container to pull things out of– drawers, jars, cups, bins, laundry baskets, you find something and love to empty it out and hand everything to me before putting it all back in.

♥ You are a champion eater! You are so cute and happy while you eat, and will eat anything and everything. We love smoothies and eggs in the morning, chicken, avocado, salmon and veggies at lunch, and anything for dinner. You even had Indian food the other day and gobbled it right up! The only thing you don’t have yet is sugar or treats, because we figure that until you even know what it is there’s no point :)

♥ Your dad makes you laugh so hard, but you do have certain moods (when you’re tired or need to nurse) that you REFUSE to let him hold you. It is the funniest thing because if I am holding you you’re completely fine, but if I hand you to dad you FREAK OUT with a backbend and cry. It’s so funny because I know that he will become your favorite, so for now we just giggle about it.

♥ Our favorite trick (and yours) right now is how you roll your tongue and make the cutest sound. You do it all hours of the day and even when you’re mad, when you first wake up, etc. It’s the best!

♥ Now that it’s summer, we’ve been going to the beach more often and you seriously love it so much. You could sit and play with the sand for hours, you love dipping your toes in the ocean (no matter how cold!) and all of it makes you so happy. That makes us happy! (Even when you sneak a few handfuls of sand in your mouth when I’m not looking :) You also love the pool!

♥ You love drinking through straws. You keep going back and back and whether it’s a smoothie or water or whatever, you keep sucking and sucking! So cute.

♥ You already like cooking with me and get so interested in what’s cooking, mixing, or baking. Your favorite thing is when we crack the oven open to peek in – you’re so cute checking on things!

♥ You’ve been waking up early every morning but luckily you will cuddle in bed with us after nursing so we soak it up.

♥ You love outings and it makes you so happy to be out and about anywhere. The highlight of this month was taking you to the SF MoMA and seeing you crawl all around the exhibits and make everyone smile!

♥ You are mimicking us more and more and it’s the funnest game to do things (close our eyes, roll our tongue, make sounds), and see if you’ll copy! You are so smart and funnier by the day.

I loved these photos after bath time at our hotel in Calgary
when your eyes were matching the blue towel ^^
Happy girl in Canada this month! ^^
From the beach to the mountains, always smiling!
Showing you the world is the best thing ever ^^
Sorry we have to do this pose with you everywhere!

Your sweet little smile ^^
Cheeser! ^^

Eating out at restaurants with you is the best!
You are actually so polite and sweet and love the food of course :)
We’ll see how long this polite dining stage lasts, ha.
Little flying girl ^^
Exploring the world, on a gondola and at the lake ^^
Rolling around in style at the airport ^^
Love this little smile ^^ It might be my favorite of all your types of smiles!
Taking in some downtown views at a hotel!
We’ve been making lots of (healthy) popsicles with the
hot summer weather. You LOVE them and will even
share with dad. You still haven’t had any ice cream/
treats because you love all healthy food and we are
just waiting to give you treats until you’re a little
older and even know what they are :)
Your first little fair day at Heritage Park — you liked the carousel until it started!
^^^^^ The sweetest face ^^^^^
Also the sweetest face ^^ I am in love with this little angel.
Swimmer babe! You love the pool!
Opening some birthday presents a month earlybefore heading to Utah to be with family!
Can’t wait to bike all around with you!
Weekly pics with my girl ^^
Beach BABE! You love the beach and could stay forever.
One of my favorite pictures of you ever ^^ haha!
In your watermelon suit, by your watermelon bag,
blissfully taking a big bite of watermelon.
Love when you fall asleep on your knees, haha…
and then stand up waiting for us to come get you ^^
Going on outings with you is the best.
Look how cute you are in the Traders cart and riding the escalator :)
One of my favorite outings ever with you ^^ The SF MoMa!
Cutest museum-goer ^^
Setting up your new ride with dad! ^^
You’re loving your new little bike (the tricycoo from Joovy)
and will ride it anywhere, but with this serious face ^^ haha!!
Seeing you go around in it is the funniest thing!
Your first naughty moment happened this month…you figured out how
to get caps off of pens, and drew a little on the couch with the pink marker.
Luckily it was light pink and came out, and luckily you’re pretty cute! ^^^
You love to drink with a straw and it’s the cutest thing.
I think it’s pretty clear you like traveling and exploring!
Look at your happy faces in these pics!
You also adjust pretty well to new beds and hotels
(after the first night)
You had your first proper tea time this month…
can’t wait for this to be a mother-daughter tradition!
Always. On. The. Move.
And always reaching for food :) must be my daughter!
Saw this print and almost cried this month ^^
My feelings exactly.
Cuddle-bug ^^
More cuddle-bug ^^
Princess of the playground ^^
Trying on our patriotic summer outfits! ^^
I love you Miss R and am so so lucky to be your mom.
I thank my lucky stars (AKA Heavenly Father) all day
every day for the precious, darling, perfect little gift you are.

Happy 11 months! Next up, ONE YEAR!

'11 months of RR!' has 4 comments

  1. June 22, 2017 @ 3:32 am Courtney Alkek

    I love these updates! Her eyes are killing me in the towel pics 😍😍. I feel like her and Leighton would be bffs. She’s so fun to go places with too, as long as there is a high chair for her to sit in, people to wave at and food on her tray. I have friends in our mom group who say they can’t go out to eat with their babies at all so I think we should definitely appreciate our easy going babes.


  2. June 22, 2017 @ 9:11 am Anna

    In LOVE!


  3. June 23, 2017 @ 5:12 am charity

    hi emi!
    a commenter on my blog reminded me of your blog so i popped over! i love your monthly updates on reagan because our little ones are sooo close in age! i think we need to actually be friends, what with the bay area, 11 month olds, blogging, and europe living all in common :)
    this is super random, but i’m curious why you put banff in all caps. is there some acronym i’m unaware of?! i went there a few years ago and it is truly spectacular. looks like you guys had an amazing time!


    • emi

      June 23, 2017 @ 6:52 am emi

      hi!!! seriously we truly do need to be besties, we are kindred spirits! you have to let me know when/if you’re in the bay next, or i will when we come to london next so we can get together with our littles! about banff, haha i don’t even know! i think the first time i wrote it in a post i was so excited about it so wrote BANFF, and then probably just subconsciously kept doing it. i need to fix those! haha xoxo


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