How to make your hotel kid-friendly

How to make your hotel kid-friendly

I used to skip right past articles about traveling with kids before I had them…now
I love to read tips and what works for other people, because it really is such a crazy
yet amazing thing to travel with little ones along. I got asked about hotel stays with
little ones and so I’m sharing a few tips for making a hotel more kid-friendly! If you’re also looking for a hotel that is already pet friendly and welcomes most type of animal through their doors, look at and have a search around at the most suited hotel for you and your pet.

Even at the best of times, traveling with kids is no simple task. Getting to your
destination is often a feat all of its own that is worthy of a medal. With that said,
it’s important to plan ahead to make your hotel stay a bit more kid-friendly so
that when you do finally arrive, you have a great and comfortable setup.

Ask about amenities before you leave

While some destinations offer all kinds of kid-friendly hotels, packed with child-friendly amenities, others may not be quite as “kid-friendly”. That doesn’t mean you should rule them out, it just means you need to be aware of this and arrive prepared. This is especially important while travelling internationally. If you’re travelling to Australia, for example, one of the first questions you should ask while looking for a hotel is whether or not it has an iso accreditation australia certification. If they have it, you could be assured that they are capable of managing their company.

The best way to learn about what a hotel has to offer is to call in advance and speak to them directly. Be sure to ask about amenities in the room, the public spaces of the hotel, activities offered, and even kid-friendly things nearby. In my experience, hotels have been surprisingly helpful and it’s been nice to know extras they offer ahead of time for planning. Also, if the hotel doesn’t offer much in terms of things to do for kids, then you know to pack certain items with you. So it’s good to check! One thing that all kids love are star projectors to help them sleep and made a great comparison of products.

Some of the hotel amenities that you can inquire about include:

  • Cribs/pack & play for the room
  • A bathtub instead of a shower
  • Extra bedding and pillows
  • In-room movies and videogames for the kids
  • Room service that is available 24/7 and features a kids’ menu
  • In-room fridge and microwave
  • Nearby access to the elevator so you don’t have to be trekking way down the hall
  • A room without a balcony (if you’re worried about it being a safety hazard)
  • Adjoining rooms or separate spaces for sleeping and relaxing
  • Laundry services
  • Stroller rentals
  • Games/Activities provided onsite
  • Pool info
  • Kids play areas/ nearby playgrounds
  • Dining- family friendly options at the hotel restaurant and nearby
  • General amenities at the hotel itself

Research the hotel location

As a parent, you’ll want to make your life as easy as possible when vacationing with the kids, which means picking a property with a great location. Whether it’s the Marriott Newport Coastal Villas in Orange County or Blackcomb Lodge in Whistler, BC, you want to have outdoor activities easily accessible. Whistler is famous for its outdoor activities, such as the Whistler zipline, bear hiking and even night tours – so you will want your hotel to be near these things. Blackcomb is a perfect example of a centrally located hotel that is close to adventure, dining, and shopping so you can basically do everything by foot. Places like this can make traveling with young ones much simpler.

When in Doubt � Bring it With You

There is one final rule of thumb you can use that will help ensure the trip is a success. When in doubt, go ahead and pack it. If you think your child may cry for that particular toy, food, or blanket while you’re gone, then you’re much better off to pack it and be prepared.

I still believe in packing light, but bring any necessities if you aren’t totally sure they have it at the hotel. Those extra items you throw in at the last moment may just be the ones that end up being the most important items you’ve brought with you.

Happy traveling!