christmas in south africa

christmas in south africa

there is no better way to spend christmas away from home than
with 200 missionaries! although it was a very different
christmas this year, we were so lucky to be with my
parents and spend the day with the cute elders who
were also all away from home and family that day.
IMG_7546on christmas eve we had gone out to dinner with my parents
and friends the knudsens at signature in johannesburg.
the best live band was playing christmas music, and
although it was the middle of summer in south africa it felt
so festive and a little more like christmas. we went home and
opened one little gift before getting some sleep for the next day
when we woke up early, got these egg breakfast bakes together,
and headed over to the mission office where the entire mission
was gathered for a christmas breakfast, devotional + talent show.
IMG_3409as if we all didn’t already know, these two are the absolute greatest.
i’ve always thought this of my parents, but seeing them in action
as mission presidents takes it to a whole new level. it is so fun to
see the energy and effort they put into the mission. i loved seeing
their relationships and love for each missionary. this mission is
so lucky to have them, and they are lucky to be doing it!

christmas in SAthe christmas breakfast was a huge effort with amazing
egg bakes, chocolate croissants, fruit, and chocolate milk
for all of the missionaries. amazing how much they can eat! :)
IMG_3433i helped take some photos of the mission, and after 20 serious
ones i made them do a crazy one! haha, they went for it.
christmas in SA4IMG_3434a great group! ^^
christmas in SA2the SAJM talent show started, and we were judges.
it was way more entertaining than i expected.

christmas in SA1the best part was this missionary who played
christmas music on his guitar while 25 book of mormons
were stacked on his head! it was unbelievable–so impressive!
IMG_3457he even walked around the stage a few times with all of them on top! 

IMG_3440the crowd favorite was definitely my dad’s kermit the frog impression..
haha this has been his talent as long as i can remember. it’s the best!
we gave prizes, they all got new mission t-shirts, and after all of
the fun (and clean up) we went back to the mission home.

IMG_7443 we celebrated christmas back at the house and it was so nice.
christmas in SA5christmas in SA7my dad cooked up some plank salmon and taught chase his tricks ^^
IMG_7549 it was so fun to make food with my mom and
have christmas dinner all together..since we won’t
have 2 of the 3 with them during their mission!
IMG_7614my cute mom setting up dinner on the deck,
with her new protea plates and dishes ^^
IMG_7615IMG_7613it was funny to see a christmas tree with a
pink blossoming tree outside. summer in SA!
IMG_7552we did a few little gifts after dinner, and chatted with family.
IMG_7555IMG_7556my dad picked out this dress for me all on his own..
he is the absolute cutest ever! 

IMG_7557this year has been ALL about experiences and i made
sure chase knew that after our insane backpacking and
time we’ve had, that i wanted no actual gifts. he obeyed
and together we planned a few fun getaways the next
months of 2016 while we’re living in europe!

IMG_7560cutest gift from mindy & brades. we loved chatting
and watching tagg and lydia open all of their gifts!

IMG_7564merry christmas, zachie!  we were so excited to
see that he knows how to point all of us out!

IMG_7600we all stayed up way too late on christmas
chatting on facetime with the US. clearly
chase and i were delirious by the end!

christmas in SA6the holidays have also involved some movie-going … please notice
my dad in the peanuts poster! haha! we saw bond + the little prince.
christmas in SA3IMG_7530

merry south african christmas to all!