swiss chocolate factory

swiss chocolate factory

here is one of the best things you can do in switzerland …
and all of europe, really! it’s going on the euro bucket list.
it involves a chocolate tour full of chocolate history
even chocolate quizzes, a chocolate movie, samples,
and most importantly a full on chocolate tasting.
basically all things chocolate! who can say no to that?

IMG_8402from montreux, hop on the chocolate train up to broc fabrique.
here you’ll find the cailler swiss chocolate factory. cailler is the
oldest swiss chocolate brand still in existence, but if you’ve
never heard of it – you might have heard of the company
that now owns it…nestlé. now i have your attention!

cailler was one of the original companies to produce milk chocolate.
by adding the highest quality swiss dairy to cacao, cailler created
a sweeter & creamier form of chocolate that the world fell in love with.
despite the nestlé association, the cailler brand is still beloved by
the swiss people as the country’s oldest, best-known chocolate brand.
take one bite of a sample of chocolate produced here and you’ll understand!
IMG_8431Broc1“train du chocolate…” never heard of anything more appealing! :)
IMG_8419the broc fabrique train station is just darling.
you’ll arrive here after the prettiest of train rides!
Broc3you can see that i got into the chocolate-making spirit right away!
Broc2i also got into the tasting in no time.
IMG_8362the vintage prints and ads in the cailler museum were my favorite ^^
IMG_8357Broc9IMG_8370we were taken through the full process of chocolate making
from start to finish…all the while the perfect smell was wafting
through the air, tempting me so badly! i was practically drooling
by the time we got to the tasting and samples section.

IMG_8374i was obviously full of sugar/hyper, because i took these nerdy pictures
at each stage of the chocolate tasting wall. just illustrating it for you! :)
now i can never eat chocolate the same … to fully enjoy it, you have to:
Broc4LOOK at the quality + texture •• HEAR the sound it makes when you break it •••
SMELL the rich, yummy scent •• FEEL the smooth texture • finally, TASTE
the creamy, absolutely perfect flavor •• and savor the AFTERTASTE ••
IMG_8375i loved this tasting and one day i want to host a chocolate tasting party
with friends and have all types of chocolate + these steps. who’s in?!
IMG_8387may have taken a few of these beauties with me for the road.
(they did say unlimited samples, after all :)
this creamy milk chocolate really is the best i’ve ever had!
IMG_8388^^ plus, my raincoat perfectly matched the chocolate wrappers.

if that isn’t chocolate fate, then i don’t know what is ;)
IMG_8352Broc10at the end we mixed up a hazelnut + chocolate combo,
like a natural nutella without all of the preservatives. yummm!

IMG_8386 IMG_8396this is chase saying that ALL the time is time for chocolate.
thank goodness i married a fellow chocolate lover!

IMG_8418after eating & comparing every kind of chocolate until we were sick,
we headed back on the train complete with our crazy sugar high.
IMG_8414this is a place we {obviously} recommend. it’s a sweet memory, pun intended!

IMG_8423the surrounding scenery doesn’t hurt either ^^
IMG_8445and back to montreux we go…
IMG_8239pair the chocolate factory in broc with the cheese factory in neighboring gruyères.
(see that here) for the absolute best & most delicious swiss experience!