copenhagen •• my new favorite place

copenhagen •• my new favorite place

it surprised and delighted us. i’ve been pining to visit denmark my entire
life, with my heritage coming from here and just imagining this magical fairytale
kingdom. it was everything i expected, and i think this country is so underrated.
IMG_8171IMG_8668from the second we arrived i was so happy here and felt so at home.
everyone mistook us for locals right off the plane and spoke to us in
danish before seeing our confused faces – ha! every guy looked like chase
and we immediately loved it. the city is so clean, stunning, & definitely
expensive…don’t think too hard about the krone exchange rate! ;)
IMG_8137hello, pretty shades of blue (all through denmark) ^^
IMG_8129first, an important stop for some of the world famous organic
danish hot dogs with all of the traditional toppings. delish!IMG_8192then on to our next important stop: soft danish ice cream. our close
family friends are danish and we were told that we MUST get the soft ice
cream at least once daily! i think you can tell from our faces if we liked it..
copenhagen3we found out it’s the danish cream and amazing dairy that makes their
soft serve noticeably better. it was like fluffy creamy air and i want more.
copenhagenafter getting our fill of the danish deliciousness, we started the
sightseeing off by stumbling into what could be my favorite sight in
europe – the christus statue by bertel thorvaldsen. it’s right in the
city center at copenhagen cathedral, also known as church of our lady
or vor frue kirke. we walked in just before closing time so we had it
basically to ourselves. it literally took my breath away to walk in and
see such a beautiful & familiar statue. a replica of this statue is widely
used in our church and on display in our hometown of salt lake city, so
i have grown up with this visual of christ and to be in that room was the
best feeling. there is a special spirit in this church and it’s so worth seeing.
IMG_8091IMG_8095look how stunning! ^^ lined with christ’s original apostles.
IMG_8110copenhagen2the city exploring continued with no set agenda..just walking and
being in awe of the beauty everywhere. i could explore for hours here.
IMG_8174 IMG_8630on to a short stop at tivoli, the darling amusement park smack dab
in the middle of the city. it’s a little-known fact that walt disney visited
on a trip overseas with his wife, and this place is what inspired disneyland.
he thought it was exactly what an amusement park should be, so we all have
the danish to thank for d-land! it is a magical place and i love that it’s so central.
copenhagen6we walked around a bit, and plan to take our future kiddos here one day!
IMG_8135oops, another danish hot dog! (you can’t have just one)
we honestly survived mostly on these because they
are just that good, but other good places to eat are
paludan (cafe in a bookshop with yummy food),
gasoline grill for their famous hamburger, gelato rajissimo,
and any and all soft is — the danish soft serve ice cream.
IMG_8193there are so many flowers and shades of blue here… my heaven.
IMG_8672 IMG_8207we walked to amalienborg palace, the danish royal residence.
it was gorgeous, and now i am more than obsessed with the danish
royal family. we learned all about them from some locals, and i am their
new biggest fans. they are the CUTEST and everyone seemed to have such good
things to say about them. just take a peek at the crown prince (king-to-be) and his
family here and tell me you might be more obsessed with them than will & kate…

IMG_8200IMG_8197^^ sure we’ll move in, thanks!
IMG_8176IMG_8676IMG_8679our little apartment/ hotel was right nearby the famed little mermaid
statue inspired by hans christian andersen’s fairytale, so we made
sure to walk out to the harbor to see her! there’s a good little
disney singalong that happens in the denmark vlog coming soon :)

copenhagen9 IMG_8142IMG_8166denmark, THIS ^^^ is how we feel about you!!

we will be back again and again.
we belong here!

more to come from denmark – including a trip to the countryside
to explore some of our roots! also, an update on our plans and schedule
soon… trying to catch up as we’re on the go! a few other copenhagen notes..
Torvehaller KBH Copenhagen Market
Gasoline Grill butter burgers !!!
Gelato Rajissimo

22 thoughts on “copenhagen •• my new favorite place”

  • Isn’t Copenhagen SO delightful?! You definitely look like you two belong there. It was quite obvious when I was there a few weeks ago that I wasn’t a native. Being 5’4 and dark complected didn’t help my case. Nyhavn is so picture perfect! I think Nørreport was my favorite part of CPH. Definitely more of a local scene. But that part was great! My friends and I actually hung out with a native and she was able to take us to her towns Mid Summer event on the sea and it was incredible! I’ve yet to blog about my trip there but my travel partner had a beautiful post about our time there. Definitely worth a read! (

    P.s. So glad I found your blog! I myself am a “well traveled wife.” :) my husband and I are American expats currently living in Italy.


  • I didn’t know that fact about Disneyland! How neat it must have been to go to the place that inspired it! I am such a huge Disneyland fan…. and I’ve been meaning to ask you, are you and Chase Disneyland fans too? I can’t recall you writing about it on here or not? Anyway I would love to visit Denmark, my great grandmother was full danish, so danish blood runs through my veins as well, it would be cool to see where my ancestors came from.

    • yes you’ve GOT to go, especially with your danish heritage! it makes it even more special.
      we love disney! i have to admit chase LOVES LOVES disney and i’m nothing compared to his level of obsession for it, but how can you not right? :)

  • This looks so amazing! I’d love to take a trip here! The buildings are so cute, the ice cream looks delicious and of course that statue is a must-see!

    • hahaha that is the same thought i had with that christus statue — a little TOO long! i’m too lazy to get it cut, especially traveling! maybe i’ll just have to see how long it will grow .. :)

    • hi!! love getting a comment from you! sorry you put up with so many facetimes with my parents :)
      love that you know people in denmark — an excuse to visit!!

  • This is so cute! I love seeing the pictures since I was there a few months back. My sister and I look like locals a bit too – not to mention she had been studying there, so people would try to speak to us in Danish :)

    • haha – i bet you had the EXACT same experience as us!! that has never happened to me anywhere else and i loved it :)
      so cool your sis was studying in denmark! just a study abroad?

  • Wow…underrated is right! You never really hear about Denmark when talking about European vacations, but maybe that should change. I really, really want some of that Danish ice cream. So cool that everyone thought you were locals!

  • This was a delightful (virtual) tour of Copenhagen. This is a place I will go back with you. I loved seeing the royal family. Now, that is a family! Wow! Everything was so fun and interesting to see. I want danish ice cream!!

  • Hi, Emi!
    I think, you don’t know us, but we are some of your parent’s friends in Denmark. I will just tell you, that you are more than welcome to come and stay a night in our home, if you can find a place in your calender for that. We live in a house with a strawroof in Martofte north of Kerteminde. It is on Fyn (Funen) where also Odense is – the town, where your dad comes from.
    Have a nice trip!
    Anne Marie and Niels Erik

  • Denmark looks so magical. I love the pretty colors of all the buildings and that ice cream looks super delicious. Also, you and your husband are the cutest!

  • Oh my gosh Denmark is beautiful! The blue accents are killing me. I want to visit someday! Do a lot of people there speak english? Was it hard to communicate at all or pretty easy? What are the traditional toppings on a danish hotdog? it looks SO good! and that soft serve. YUMMM. K that is so cool, the Church Of Our Lady displaying all of Christs 12 apostles, that would be amazing to see!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

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