papito west – organic mexican

papito west – organic mexican
serious question: when you go eat mexican food,
how often is it at a sit-down restaurant?
for us, rarely. think about it: most mexican places
are quick counter orders — chipotle, cafe rio,
taquerias, etc. it’s one of our favorite foods,
but we rarely get to go out and have a
sit-down mexican meal. while that is part 
of what makes mexican food great (the
convenience + no wait), it’s nice to mix it
up and have a different dining experience.
let’s be honest, mexican food is AMAZING. 
you know a few weeks ago when i said if i
it would be italian? well i may have forgotten
to mention that it’s a tie with mexican. i could 
never let this food go :) we both love it, (who
doesn’t?) so we really loved this meal. papito has
taken mexican food and given it a refresh — organic
ingredients, a well-designed modern restaurant space,
and the best flavors imaginable. it reminded me a little
bit of a recent feature in salt lake city, alamexo
i think i like this trend that mexican food is taking.
we love the location right in hayes valley 
and we loved every bite of this meal.

love the interior here ^^ this light, those wood beams, yes yes yes.

so many things on the menu were calling my name,
it was hard to decide here! however, i did a
great job picking if i do say so myself :)

first great choice: horchata.

second: jicama salad. so refreshing with jicama, citrus,
butternut squash, cantaloupe, pomengranate…what a combo.

third: the homemade guacamole was for sure
a great choice, and an obvious one. so fresh!

and, those fajitas. so flavorful that my mouth is
watering for them again! they were sizzling + bueno.

^^ chase loved his super burrito 
with that perfect crisp tortilla!

and dulche de leche filled churros with 
chocolate dipping sauce. yes, you read right.

we happened upon this scene on our walk
home from dinner — a little midnight festival
happening on the streets of SF! we were too
stuffed to eat anything else, but it was fun to
wander around. one of my favorite parts of
living in a city is walking to and from dinner…
and happening upon things like this!