good morning boston!

good morning boston!
hello from boston! we just had the greatest labor day
weekend back east, and it was one of my favorite 
trips in a long time. between showing chase the 
city of boston for the first time, to laying on the 
beach in cape cod, to taking the ferry over to 
discover the beauty that is nantucket island, it was 
a trip full of so much newness and history and 
beauty and balance. we needed it! i loved every 
second and have lots to share (of course) so 
we’ll start with our first day in boston!
^^ hi boston! this sight from the 
plane woke me up real quick.
we took the red-eye flight, which always seems like 
a great idea when you book it — and then feels 
like the WORST idea once you’re on it! this one was 
pretty rough after a crazy work week hopping on a 
midnight flight thursday and getting to boston bright 
and early friday morning with only about 2 hours of 
sleep, but once we got into the city the excitement took 
over and adrenaline pushed us through for the day!
we also were very smart –if i do say so myself– and 
headed straight to this amazing juice bar right when 
we landed {it was about 3:30 AM our time in california, 
but the day was beginning in boston!} so instead of filling 
our bodies with caffeine or energy drinks, we went straight
for the good stuff. i promise i have never felt so much 
better than after drinking the “kickstart” and all these 
green juices. we absolutely LOVED this place and it helped 
us enjoy our day! thanks cocobeet! {look at their website, you’ll love it in 2 seconds}

{we took a few for the road, which helped us keep our energy up all day!}

in front of fanueil hall enjoying that pressed juice goodness! ^^^
 happy girl to be back in boston and at quincy market!

we had the most beautiful weather our first day.
the humidity disappeared, like it knew fall was
on the way! it came back our last day, but we
soaked up those breezy, perfect days.

public garden, my favorite!
 we took supertours around the city the first day just 
because i knew we’d be lacking energy to bike / walk / 
find T stations, and this was a convenient way to hop 
on & off to all the sites! we normally don’t do these 
kind of tours, but since i’d been to boston a few times 
and chase hadn’t, i wanted to make sure he got the 
full experience — touristy or not! i’m glad we had a balance 
of one day on this to get a feel, then the rest of the time 
on our own! it was nice because it included admission to 
a lot of the historical sites so we were able to see more!


 the USS constitution ship and museum, 
AKA a BIG highlight for this guy.
we just happened to be there on the one day in 20 years 
that this amazing, historic ship was going for a sail in 
the harbor! tons of news stations, boston locals, and 
tourists were gathered to watch this event that we 
just stumbled upon. i love travel serendipity like that! 
chase was SO happy and filmed the entire thing, haha 
pretty amazing. it’s the world’s oldest commissioned
 warship that is still afloat, and was built in 1795. 
seeing “old ironsides” in action was a favorite!
this town…those brownstones…
yes, we did a duck tour! super touristy but you 
have to do it once– so why not here? that splash 
going from the road into the water was the best part…
i screamed like a little kid! we loved it.
 of course we stopped at the famous fenway, always 
a fun spot although neither of us are redsox fans… haha.
i’m still sad there was no game in town since i’ve been and 
the energy is amazing, but we loved seeing the stadium 
and it’s just another reason to come back!

walking the boston common ^^

boston, you sure showed us a good time…
and this was just the beginning! more to come.