park city wedding weekend!

park city wedding weekend!
a few weekends ago i flew into
salt lake city for my lovely friend
maria’s wedding in park city.
i love any excuse to celebrate love,
and to visit my hometown! it was
a quick visit but so fun and beautiful.
since i went to high school with cam
and college with maria, the entire wedding
was like a high school AND college reunion.
it was a gorgeous day and i was lucky to be in
the wedding! here are some pictures of the weekend
and the wedding. i’m already missing home & these people!
late friday night flight from SFO —> SLC
of course i brought my cotopaxi bag along!
i landed in salt lake at midnight and the best friend
in the world was there to pick me up, complete with
swig cookies and dirty diet cokes. ash is the best,
especially because it was my first visit home since my
parents moved, so she made coming home feel better!
i also got to wake up to pancakes and this face staying
with my cutest sister-in-law before heading up to
park city for the wedding! so glad i got some taggie time.
and, fit in a quick hike up neff’s canyon
with my kona pup before the wedding:
then, up to park city we go for wedding time!
park city = one of my favorite places in the world,
and where i grew up. needless to say i was excited
when maria chose the resort for her wedding!
look at this BRIDE!! we spent all morning in the hotel getting
ready and she looked beautiful, but the second she put on
her dress she really transformed into a bride and it became
real that she was getting MARRIED THAT DAY. chills!
chairlift up to the ceremony once it was time!
^^bridesmaids on the chairlift
^^ this setting……perfect.
after the ceremony on top of the ski resort,
maria had the wedding party take the
alpine slide down the mountain. it was
so much fun and fit her spontaneous
personality perfectly! the only problem
was that we were wearing skirts…so we
put our bouquets in our laps and went for it!
after all of that, we had the
wedding luncheon and then into
the reception that night. it was a
packed day but full of fun events
and the adrenaline kept us going!
check out the gorgeous fairy lights below!

a peppy white neon sign for the bride

from somewhere like

would’ve made a nice stylish addition, too, i think.

..scenes from the perfect reception..

cheers to the hansens.
i love their love and i’m so
glad i got to celebrate it at the
wedding! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥