guide to DISNEYLAND!!!

guide to DISNEYLAND!!!
here’s the thing. i go to disneyland for the nostalgia.
i go for the familiar feeling and the sights, smells, food,
and feelings you can only get in one place. i go for the
memories it brings and its true ability to make you feel like
you’re a little kid again. for example : i have only ever had
funnel cakes at disneyland so when i eat one, i go back in time
to this old, nostalgic place. i think those are the magical parts!
when we were there just a few months ago, i took it upon myself to
eat all the classic foods and just let myself soak in this magical little
place where time doesn’t seem to exist. i thought about how i need to
put together a guide of disneyland favorites that make it worth it to me! Before I went, I checked out loads of websites similar to to try and get some top tips before I visited! It definitely paid off and I’d recommend doing it if you’ve got a trip booked.
i am all about the good food and magical little unknown places as usual,
and chase is all about the rides and the disneyland hacks. together, we hope
this guide helps the “happiest place on earth” live up to its name next time you go!

the signature cinnamon roll at jolly holiday bakery. have them heat it up {obviously}. your disneyland ticket is worth it just for this piece of heaven! i think it is baked with some disneyland magic.

the dole whip from tiki juice bar. of course. everyone is aware of this but on those hot sunny days, get one to wait in the next line with. you won’t even notice the wait!

ice cream at the gibson girl ice cream parlour. okay just get a whiff of the waffle cones from down the street and try not coming in here. i have to get the cookie dough or mint chocolate chip because those were my favorite flavors growing up, but the handmade waffle cone is the real MUST no matter which ice cream flavor you get.

mickey mouse beignets at cafe orleans. you’re in disneyland, live a little! beignets in this darling part of the park are amazing…and mickey mouse shaped, which makes them taste even better. they also have one of the best monte cristo sandwiches (so good it’s sinful), and the pomme frites are the best french fries (GET THE DIPPING SAUCE).
if you’re really going for nostalgia, hit up the corndog truck right on mainstreet. how classic is a corndog? it’s extra crispy and greasy, just as it should be.

one of my favorite treats has to be the chocolate peanut butter sandwich at pooh corner bakery in critter country. it’s simple comfort food that i have always loved at d-land.

get at least one churro and one funnel cake at one of the stands. they are both irresistible, just ask my husband about his love for their churros! and i already told you how i feel about disneyland funnel cake..
  • bring bottled water! you don’t want to pay top dollar for it at the park, but you’ll need it and want it.
  • bring cards or games to play in line! they are much less long when you’re playing fun games.
  • wear good shoes. you won’t believe how much you walk in disneyland. wear comfortable shoes and you’ll have more fun!
  • dress smart. chances are in any given day at disneyland you will a) be hot and sweaty b) get soaking wet from a ride and c) get freezing at night when the sun sets after the parade. i always wear quick-drying clothes or have a few extra items in my backpack (+ a jacket) so that i can enjoy d-land!
  • pack snacks. disneyland is so great to let you bring in food, and despite ALL that good food mentioned above, it can add up! bring apples, sandwiches, or granola bars so you’re not starving and you can splurge on a few fun treats or items — but not pay for every meal!
  • bring aspirin. as fun as it is, i have never been to disneyland without getting the disneyland headache. the sun, spinning around on those rides, and being on your feet all day can hit you all at once. stay ahead of the game by taking some aspirin if you start to feel the ache…you don’t want it to ruin your day!
  • right when you get in the park, split up to the big rides and get fast passes right away (someone needs to take everyone’s ticket so that they can feed them into the fast pass machine, and others can get in another line at the same time. (straight from chase, the disneyland MASTER)
  • make sure to hit:
    space mountain
    (chase’s favorite)
    splash mountain
    (my favorite!)
    thunder mountain railroad
    it’s a small world
    (the classic)
    storybook land canal boats:
    i had never been on this until last time, it was my favorite! SO darling with all the classic disney stories built out in tiny little sets all around the canal.
    jungle cruise. love this one for the cheesy jokes, water ride to cool off, and kids love the (fake) animals!
if you want to treat disneyland as more of a scavenger hunt next time, you can hunt down these more hidden attractions!
1. walt disney built his own apartment during construction of disneyland. he would turn on the light to let workers know he was in the apartment. now, the light is always left on in his honor. find the apartment!

2. there’s a basketball hoop inside one of the rides. find out which one!

3. walt disney had a favorite president, and dedicated part of the park to him. find out which president and go see the show! (one of our favorite things)

4. find the shop on main street where steve martin once worked.

5. find out which town in missouri main street is designed after — hint: it’s walt’s hometown!

6. disneyland’s address is 1313 disneyland drive… what does the 1313 represent?

7. find the oldest thing in all of disneyland. (hint: it’s in frontierland!)

8. meet mickey mouse and get a picture / autograph at…

9. find out how many steps there are to the top of tarzan’s treehouse.

10. get the highest score on the buzz lightyear ride.

11. take the most creative picture on splash mountain!

12. there are lots of tunnels underneath disneyland where lots of work gets done away from view so the magical experience doesn’t get taken away. ask an employee if they’ve been in one!

13. the sign in front of city hall says: “lost _____”

14. when you leave this eatery, a sign says “don’t stay away too long.” which one is it?

15. find out what the morse code message tapping at the train station is saying.

1. on top of the fire station on main street
2. the matterhorn
3. lincoln — see the “great moments with mr. lincoln” show
4. the magic shop on main street
5. marceline, missouri
6. the 13th letter in the alphabet is m, so the address spells “mm” for mickey mouse
7. petrified wood that walt bought for his wife
8. mickey’s house!
9. 72
10. NA
11. NA
12. NA
13. parents
14. jolly holiday bakery
15. “to all who come to disneyland, welcome. here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.”

^^^^…and that is so well said, we’ll just leave it at that!

i KNOW people out there have lots more
disneyland tips and faves— so comment away
if you do, and i’ll add them to this guide!
cheers to happiness and childhood and magic.