good morning, LA!

good morning, LA!
hi from LA! 
we are down in so-cal this week, one of my favorite 
places to be. i love living in norcal but for some 
reason LA just makes me happy and kind of feels 
like home. maybe it’s because we lived here when
we first got married, or because i came here so much 
growing up..but either way i love the feel and vibe 
and … maybe i want to move down south, chase? :) 
anyway, we are spending this week in newport
beach with my family, but we came down a few 
days early to do some favorite things in los angeles, 
starting with a 6 mile run and some acai bowls at 
juice crafters! one of the best parts of LA is that 
acai bowls are on every corner, and juice crafters 
makes such great ones. plus, their juices…mmm!
^^ while we waited for acai bowls, we had some
immunity shots — and boy are these shots.
lemon + ginger + cayenne = ouch! it clears you
out and hurts so good. the strawberry is the
perfect relief to go with the kick of cayenne.
then, the good stuff:
acai bowls are the best, and juice crafters
really does them right. i promise. that
coconut, the flavor of the acai, it’s perfect.
it’s family run, and they bring the acai 
over themselves. it’s better than anything!
^^ look at that goodness! you have to try one if you haven’t
then we continued our run through beverly hills, met up with
my dad and headed down to meet everyone in newport!
of course, with a stop at in-n-out on the way…
^^ and a stop at the LA google offices…
^^ not to mention a little game of “7-on-the-line”…which 
i WON…yes, beat both of the boys. i’m proud.
here’s to a week ahead of fun in the sun!