mustard tasting in dijon, france!

mustard tasting in dijon, france!

here we are in yet another city sharing a name of a food…my favorite thing! :)
coming from gruyères (which the cheese is named after ), we arrived in dijon
(which the mustard is named after!) i don’t know why i get excited about these things,
but i do. next on my list are parma, italy for the parmesan…cheddar, somerset…
gorgonzola, italy…munster, france…asiago, italy… the list goes on! also, i just
realized these kinds of towns/regions are mostly associated with cheese – haha!
IMG_4938i must just really love going to cities that food is named after. i love food
and i love new places so it is the perfect combo. dijon is the capital of the
burgundy region in eastern france. the region is big on wine, but dijon
specializes in the moutarde and cuisine that goes with it. we only stopped
through for a day and slept one night, but we were charmed by the medieval
renaissance city with thousands of varieties of mustard here. what a treat!
IMG_4930who knew there were this many varieties of mustard?
this isn’t even a fraction of the jars lining the walls in the
la boutique maille main mustard shop right in town center.
a few flavors we sampled were black truffle mustard, basil
and parmsean mustard, sun-dried tomato mustard, honey
& balsamic vinegar mustard, and the list goes on and on.
IMG_4947a town is even more fun when you have no idea what to expect from it.
IMG_4927Dijon7cutest mustard gifts! we thought this was perfect for our
brother-in-law tay who LOVES all condiments.
IMG_4943Dijon6 IMG_4953we stayed at just a simple little inn called hotel wilson… it
was a perfect and cheap place to stay while passing through!
we noticed lots of bike groups staying here as they rode through
the gorgeous burgundy region. i want to do this someday!

Dijon5IMG_4948cutest french courtyard view out of our window ^^
IMG_4961 IMG_4962IMG_4960our stop through dijon was short but so worth it.
the food town bucket list continues!



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