date night

date night

date night is the best night.
i feel like it always sounds so cliché, since we got
it for advice all the time before our wedding.
“be sure to make time for weekly date nights!”
“continue to court each other!”
“keep the romance alive, try fun new things and dates..”
to be honest, we got a little bit tired of hearing this by the end. 
but, like i always say, clichés are clichés for a reason!
& it turns out this date night business is our favorite thing.
we’re so glad it’s been consistent so far in our marriage.
our calendar literally has DATE NIGHT entered in every
friday night, on repeat forever. that’s just the way i like it.

this week’s was extra fun, since we got to eat at one of our all-time favorite restaurants– roy’s.
there are only a few locations of it, and luckily there’s one in san francisco! it has some of the
best food + dessert in the world! it was so fun to dress up nice and go there. some weeks we
go to taco carts on the street, some weeks we go to roy’s. here are a few pictures..
 it literally is the best food with the most amazing presentation.
 we almost left without getting dessert, but changed our
minds on the way out & got this little sampler plate
of the richest flourless chocolate cakes, plus best
chocolate covered strawberries. oh and some ice cream later :)
the best surprise was that macy’s in union square
is having the flower show right now, so after dinner
we went to peruse the floral displays & take in the smell!
here is a little taste of it..{thanks to vine}
and here is a glimpse of our friday night out!


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