merry christmas 2020

merry christmas 2020

first christmas spent in our own home! in past years we have always been with family in utah (and one year south africa :) for the actual day. this year with our home renovation finishing just in time, spending a few weeks of november in utah with family, and covid making it better to stay home…it was an obvious year to do our own simple christmas! we loved it so much, and it was so relaxing to not be packing up gifts and all the items for the kids on top of holiday craziness. we were so lucky to get my parents here to celebrate with us – it made it so special!

we had a cozy rainy christmas eve where we did a little outing to the fashion island tree, did last minute prep, and made our christmas eve dinner together! so fun to make the chicken cranberry wreath dinner with reagan helping me this year :) christmas day was bright and sunny and so fun to open gifts and celebrate…reagan got her surf suit (pink rash guard suit) she had asked for, such a beach girl already! and claire got her long awaited doctor kit which she has been THRILLED about. she was also seriously thrilled about a banana in her stocking- haha! they got wiggle cars, new dresses, and a few other fun gifts but it’s nice to keep it simple so they really love the things they get, and play with them! of course grandparents added to the spoils with some cute toys too :) baby wells got a cute rattle and some new books and stuffies. he’s easy to please!
chase and i gave each other our new kitchen and house projects this year, but i snuck in some new rainbow flip flops for him, a shirt, and registration for the OC half marathon this spring! he wrapped up our new dutch door that came just in time before christmas, and the new obama book. my parents spoiled us all as usual, but the most fun surprise was a new grill for our backyard that they wheeled up and made christmas dinner on that night!

it was so fun to have a cinnamon roll + eggs brunch and then head to the beach for all afternoon of christmas day! we even got to bike down there. later we came home for the fanciest christmas dinner made by my parents since we had taken christmas even dinner. we had steak and lobster and so many yummy sides. we did an activity about what each character in the nativity story teaches us, and sang happy birthday to jesus and blew out the candles on his cake ♥️ hope to always keep our biggest focus on Him on this holiday! xoxox merry christmas



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