wells 2 months!

wells 2 months!

wellsie! you make life so much better only 2 months in! not sure how we ever lived without you. this month we’ve settled into a bit more of a routine and you just do great with everything! it’s been truly magical to now be living in our new home with our new little guy. this phase of life is amazing and you are the biggest part of that! you are such a little beach baby already and have spent lots of days of your first months at the beach. you are doing the cutest coos and sounds and you love the routine of tummy time after nursing, and then hanging out on a blanket by your sisters until nap time. everyone comments on how calm and happy you are, how cute your little blonde hair is, and how you look like the poulson side of the family. you are so low maintenance and hope you always go along and put up with your sisters’ love as well as you do now :) you’re feeding well despite having a bit of thrush on and off.

it’s so fun to have a third baby and be a little more comfortable with things and be able to soak it up a bit more. i also can’t believe how much i love having a little BOY! it was hard to even imagine after two girls, but it’s the best.

you started to really smile last week (around 7 weeks) and it is heart melting. nothing better in the world! you have our hearts, baby boy! 

weight: 12 lbs 8 oz (59%)
height: 24.5 inches (96%)
head size: 39.5 cm (58%)

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