wells one month

wells one month

At one month, Wells is 10 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches long!
He loves: being held, rocked, fed, put in rocker, and tubbed!
Sleeping: Decently well for one month! 4 hour stretches at night.
Feeding: Really well, despite having thrush on his tongue a few weeks in


The first month with a baby always flies by…this time included, but because it’s our third time around I do feel like we’ve soaked it in as much as possible. We’ve loved this month with Wells. It’s been such a good transition to have moved into a new home and have this new baby! 

During his first month we’ve had both sets of grandparents visit…along with a lot of friends (new friends here, and lots of Utah/ Bay friend in town on vacation who came by to meet him!) Some first visitors have included: the Heaps, Hammels, Hogans, Hales, Dials, Anthonys, Bakers, McCulloughs, and many more! 

Wells did the beach at one week old – Crystal Cove – and a few other times in his first month. He went on his first Duffy boat ride in Newport Harbor, and made it to Downtown Disney since the park is closed! 

Mostly through all of the fun and activities of his first month, I’ve loved all of the sweet little quiet moments…holding a sleeping snuggling baby, seeing Rea & Claire love their brother, and just being a new family of five. We love you, Wells!