June 2020

June 2020

Yet another wild and unexpected month of this twenty twenty year. This month brought more ups and downs in the world and our own life, but at the end of it a lot has happened and changed! The month started with celebrating our 8 year anniversary at home in the Bay with a date and some big decisions about a potential move..more to come on that later! We had a busy first week of June getting things done and ready to go to Utah much sooner than planned after our Chicago and Great Lakes trip was canceled. We said goodbye to our darling au pair Gaby who moved out and started working for another family nearby that we know. We did a virtual baby shower for our Liz and baby boy, also participated and started the learning journey with the Black Lives Matter movement and protests that have taken over in such an amazing way this month..

In the midst of all that we drove to Utah all in one day (helped so much to leave at 5 AM and get lots of the drive done in those early hours!) and it has been a much needed refreshing break to be here with family. Still being very Covid-careful with things back on the rise, but it’s made it nice to have things more calm than usual and get some good family time. Baby belly is ever-growing and it’s helped to have the girls with grandparents and in a new environment to run around the backyard after those months of only being at our home!

During this Utah stay Chase and I took a short road trip to Southern California for a mini babymoon while the girls were at grandparents, and to explore some future things!

We’ve celebrated Shelley’s birthday, Father’s Day, and had some other fun things this month. It is daunting to see COVID continue to rear its head, and here’s hoping that in the months to come we can all do our part to regain control of it. It’s not going away anytime soon! We are grateful to be with family right now and know that this next month ahead will be a big one for our family, and for the world!

A few highlights since most photos from this month will be saved in Utah summer and our OC trip posts! A little out of order but some to remember..

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