march 2020

march 2020

a lot of months can blend together, but i don’t think ANY of us will ever forget march 2020. whew! what a month this has been. it feels like so much more than a month, and it’s mind-blowing to think about how the first week of the month was semi-normal… although COVID-19 was on the mind, things hadn’t become real here yet. suddenly it ramped up so fast, and then we watched the realization (and disease) start to spread across the country. it has been an overwhelming, stressful and heart wrenching time for the world – i have been so heartbroken for those most affected by it, so grateful for those working and helping during this, so at peace with my little family all at home together, so worried for the many potential dangers, and so hopeful for everyone to work together to get this under control.

aside from the main worry of those sick and impacted financially most by this, i have tried to focus on the silver linings on the outside of the awful things going on. although it doesn’t seem fair with all that is happening, it still has been nice to see people banding together, finding humor, spending more time with family and connecting with friends in creative ways, people helping, the environment benefitting, and just pressing pause on life and remembering to be grateful and not take things for granted. it has definitely changed the lives of so many, so much for the worse, but hopefully in small ways for the better by the end. the interesting thing is that we are all in this together … across the world … no matter where or who you are. we will never forget this time! we have been grateful for the ages of our girls right now, since they don’t quite grasp what’s going on and have mostly been thrilled to have all of us at home, coming up with fun activities, and not anxious or worried at all. it’s refreshing to be around them and focus on them. i also know how lucky we are to have help, with our au pair still living with us and extending her time due to all of this. chase and i are both still working from home, and although my work is light my pregnancy sickness has carried on through my 2nd trimester – so she has been a lifesaver to have here. we are all safe under one roof and trying to help this time draw us closer as we pray for our world.

sending love and wellness to everyone! let’s take it one day at a time ♥️ 

pics above are all out of order, but love remembering the moments of this crazy month! a few ways it has been memorable in our own home aside from the worldwide COVID-19 takeover…
– mom & dad stopping through to see us on their way back from hawaii, the last few normal days before this started to take over!
– claire’s first ballet class of her own! right before lockdown was announced and ballet was closed.
– chase also had to go to austin for a few days at the start of the month, which worried me so much. his work trip didn’t get canceled but luckily he has been working at home ever since.
– rea getting a princess makeover in los gatos for our little friend scout’s birthday party…highlight of her life!
– chase selling our car and buying a new one all in one day, with no plans to do either when we woke up that day. ha! it was the rainy saturday before the lockdown started, and i guess i got my 30th birthday present early…we upgraded to a car with a 3rd row now that we have a 3rd babe on the way! we got the volvo SUV and love it!
– a [canceled] PI DAY party…we had our own little party and made this apple parm pie
– preschool being closed and starting to do it at home! i swear reagan loves it just as much since we’ve been coming up with as many creative things as possible, and because she gets to pretend to be the teacher haha.
– plenty of cooking and baking, and finally posting a lot more of my favorite recipes that have been in my drafts FOREVER – so watch for more to come!
– st. patty’s day at home, but the leprechauns still found us!
– little claire picked the craziest time to need to go to the ER, rolling off the couch while dancing and hitting just wrong on the carpet…resulting in a broken wrist! just 2 buckle fractures but she needed the world’s tiniest sling and the world’s cutest pink cast the next day. so grateful we could still get care during this time, and it was so interesting to be at the doctor’s office and have to pass through many checkpoints, fever checks, questions etc. just to get in. appreciate the precautions!
– drive-by birthday celebration for our kendall girl!
– lots of hikes in the hills which have brought beauty, fresh air and sanity.
– rainy days on top of the quarantine = a little cabin fever but a lot of projects done!
– painting our banister and mantle white finally, thanks chase!
– also converting our room into a home office as well with a standing desk even!
– at-home spa day done with daddy…chase did little pedicures and manicures for both girls and it was the cutest ever!
– family facetimes and connecting with friends online…virtual versions of everything, and finding new ways to stay connected!

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