Mother’s Day + my motherhood tips

Mother’s Day + my motherhood tips

My life as a mom has evolved this year going from one to two. I feel even more invested and all-in, since now it’s all hands on deck. With one you can have a little more balance and do a lot of your own things, but two– in a good way– requires more all day long. I love it in most ways, because it has made me jump in with both feet all day every day and love motherhood even more. But it is also of course more exhausting! Double the joy, and double the craziness :) In thinking about celebrating mother’s day and being the best I can be, I wrote down a few things/habits that have helped me stay sane and balanced during this phase.. I need to remember these, especially as things only get more hectic as the girls grow and we eventually hopefully add to our family in years to come.

  • I try my hardest to wake up earlier than the kids, if even for 15 minutes to just take a breath and start the morning on my own terms. It really does make a difference to feel in control of the day from the beginning :)
  • Instead of using any precious nap time or alone time on dishes or laundry, save them to do with the toddler! That might sound crazy, but we make chores into a game and Reagan helps me sort the clothes and run them into different rooms, or dry the dishes, or even cook. She honestly gets mad now if I *don’t* wait for her to unload the dishwasher with, haha! And she’s actually pretty helpful with that task. Yes… things take longer this way, but these things entertain her and make it so I can use my alone time to work on things or read or things I definitely can’t do with kids around.
  • Carve out time every day to move and exercise! It is a major part of my sanity. Sometimes depending on the day I even work out with the kids around and let them do yoga alongside or lift them up in the air as weights and make them giggle.
  • Rinse and wipe things down after each meal so things don’t pile up all throughout the day. This makes the biggest difference ever for me. It’s amazing how many little dishes can pile up from kids meals + snacks through the day!
  • Try to have set meal times and snack times (with a timer on your phone!) so that kids know what to expect and aren’t begging for food all day. This has helped so much with an issue that drove me crazy (always asking for snacks etc).
  • Acknowledge feelings. I read one parenting book recently and this was the main takeaway that was such a good reminder for me. Kids are learning what feelings are, and even when they are driving you crazy – before a lecture, I always talk to her about what she’s feeling and why. It’s been amazing to see how effective it is for her to be acknowledged before we talk about her actions. This has been a great focus for me this year.
  • Go off instinct and be true to your own feelings and self when mothering .. it’s so easy to compare to other moms or feel judged or not good enough, but remember you know best for your kids!
  • And my biggest motherhood mantra of all is that– Everything is a phase, good or bad. So soak up all the sweet moments and grit your teeth through the hard parts because the one constant about kids is they change every single day!
  • Parenting is such a crazy and beautiful journey that has taught me so much about myself, my spouse, the world around me, and (most days) made me a better, happier, and more grateful person. And I can’t believe I’m just getting started! Here’s to all the wonderful women in this world – and those who support them!


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  • I just wanted to tell you thank you for this blog post! My daughter is almost 2 and we just moved to a new place and your ideas about having her help with chores is LIFE CHANGING!

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