claire 6 months

claire 6 months

we cannot get enough of this little claire babe. every day we say “honestly how is she so perfect?!” i think little baby phases are even more noticeable and fleeting the second time around!

everyone stops us in public and comments that they thought she was a little doll. people notice her blue blue eyes and how much blonde hair she has (even more than reagan did!) she is so smiley and gives everyone a big smile if they so much as glance her way.

it’s so fun to watch her come alive during this fun 6 month stage, and have her more and more involved in our little family and all the things we do every day.

highlights of the month..

– always happy in the tub, splashing around and smiling and relaxing
– so alert and interested in everything around her: watching sis at ballet, going to the library, music time, etc.
– starting to like music. her favorite song is ‘baby beluga’ and we sing it “claire-be beluga” :)
– sitting up, rolling, reaching, scooting, grasping
– started solid foods and five and a half months. she loves them! she’s done surprisingly well and picked it up quickly.
– first foods were.. blueberries, sweet potatoes, grapes, cream of wheat, salmon, and so much more now. she has loved it all and not turned anything away.
– sleeping through the night, except for when teething :)
– makes the cutest squeal sounds all the time, along with giggles, humming, high pitched squeaks.
– sweet and happy temperament..curious and aware, starting to cling to mom more..but will gladly smile at strangers from my arms!
– loves to hold her toes and do bridges on her back
– obsessed with reagan, and reagan is obsessed back. love their little bond right now. claire is always searching for her in any room, and lights up when she sees her. rea sings to her, makes her laugh, blows raspberries on her belly, and takes care of her.
– claire loves her bunny lovie, and goes to sleep almost instantly when she gets it. she loves holding lovies and blankets over her eyes while she sleeps.
– wants to chew on anything and everything in front of her.

weight: 14 lbs 9.5 oz (20%)
height: 26.5 inches (73%)
head: 42 cm (42%)

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